How to Make Sure You Get What You Signed-Up For

You, my friend, are in there…like swimwear. Or sugar in tea. Or…fat, veiny cock in warm, juicy pussy! Oh, YEAH!!! I like that one the best ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have one favor to ask.

Please Whitelist with your email provider.

What does that mean? I need you to tell Google, Apple, Yahoo, MSN, or whoever you use to send/receive your email that is a trusted source. If you don’t, my email could end up in the SPAM folder, which keeps you from getting what you signed up for and makes me look like some creepy douche to the aforementioned gatekeepers.

Two ways you can help us both

Number One: Add to your contacts. This one’s simple. Click on Add Contact. Add my name, L.W. Boudreaux, for contact name, and add for contact email. Easy Peasy. You’re done.

Number Two: Follow these Whitelisting instructions. They are a little more elaborate, but following these directions will absolutely ensure you always get my goodies.

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