is God a woman

Is God A Woman?

For centuries… nay, millennia, there’s a certain book and a certain group of people that tell us the great creator is a man. It’s not even open for interpretation. Everyone accepts it as it is, but I’ve heard the question “Is God a woman or a man?” tossed around enough that it got me thinking. Then it got me researching.

Research says, I’m not the only one who asking the question, “Is God a woman?” I’m not the only one BY A LONG SHOT! So, after my thinking, and researching, writing came pretty natural for my busy little fingers. And write I did. What started as an idea blossomed into a full on undertaking to rewrite the first book: Genesis.

Here’s my take… you’re certainly entitled to your own, but mine is that woman is divine. If that’s the case, which it is here, then woman is God/God is a woman, not man, in which case I should write Woman.

Is God really a woman? She is in my world. And that’s where you’ve found yourself (smack dab in the middle of the world I’ve staked my claim on and am in the process of pontificating therein 😉

Below is my version of Creation.

This is the beginning. It’s my beginning. It’s the start of a beautiful journey that I have enjoyed more than any other writing I’ve done so far. I’ve been reading the Bible, something I never thought I’d do as an adult, and I’m learning from it. I feel like I’m honoring the original version with the beauty I’m shedding on Woman, and on our journey here as products of a man and Woman.

Below is a sample from the first part of the Bible I am rewriting. The Old book has 5 books. They’re called The Books of Moses or Moses’ Books. Genesis is the first, and naturally where I started in my quest to answer my initial question (Is God a Woman?) as well as take a literary journey like I’ve never embarked on.

Let me ask one thing of you before you begin: put your judgements aside. Enjoy what’s below for what it is, not what you think it should be or what you think your neighbor, pastor, priest, or self-righteous mother-in-law would think. It’s a story. Enjoy it! Oh, and, by the way, there’s more coming. A whole lot more!!

This should go without saying (they have warnings on toasters saying not to put your fingers inside because some people need them), Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I is intended for adults 18 and up.

Is God a Woman? Read more in Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I
Is God a Woman?
Open me and find out!

Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I

God’s Creation


She lay in darkness complete and total darkness, tossing and turning in frustration and loneliness. She stretched her limbs looking, searching, hoping for something, yet nothing surrounded her.

 ”Light,” she called.

 Light appeared.

Warmth from the illumination touched her soul. Tingling from the light’s touch made her smile from the inside out. As the intensity increased, it pained her, and she faced the darkness again.

Coolness ran over her body and caused a shiver. She called the light once more.

God played with the light and the darkness until they both brought a smile to her face.

She pulled the light to her breasts. The tingling heat touched her deeper than her skin and she called, “Light. Sweet, Light. What a beautiful color you are.”

She coddled and cuddled with the light until the darkness nuzzled against her bare back then she gently pushed the light aside off into the distance where its presence established itself by merely existing in the darkness.

God rolled into the darkness, letting the light warm her back while the darkness came.

The blackness blanketed her with solitude and quiet reflection in the absence of mind and duty.

The light flickered a lonely beacon in the corner, and God reached out to love it.

As she did, the darkness nuzzled further against her breast creeping through her cleavage under the folds of her fleshy mounds.

“Darkness. Lovely, Darkness.”

“You needn’t worry. You prove your worth through your mere existence. You needn’t do a thing to prove that you are.”

She pulled the darkness under her right arm and purred its name, “Dear, Night.”

The light twinkled a pout in the corner and God did the same, retrieving the light under her right breast as she purred its name, “Dear, Day.”

Day and Night shared a space on God’s chest, each reserved a half to occupy her attention and fill her with their loving gifts.

Night sat in silent servitude and lulled God into introspective thought.

Day stirred God’s creativity, her energy, warmth, and desire.

“Good, Morning,” she said she looked to her left breast. Day shone bright with God’s love and affection. A kiss tamed Day’s brightness.

“Good, Evening,” said God, pulling the night tight against her bosom.

In the darkness, night won out over the light of the day until God awoke and began work on her next day.


The love from her creations expanded from the center of God’s chest. The feeling cascaded down her body into her abdomen, rushing through every organ, permeating the nucleus of every cell,  carrying the warm glow that rushed between her legs and flooded her womanly parts.

God fiddled with her feet. She rubbed them over and under one another as the glow flooded her labia and sent her spine arching and her hands rubbing over her belly with warm, wet feelings calling for her to attend to below.

Her fingers disappeared into her mouth, then she ran them through the light of her left breast, letting the warmth bathe them, cleanse them, ready them. Then she massaged the right breast and took the mysterious darkness down with her hand as she explored the curves and the soft, suppleness of her skin and lost them in the water between her legs.

“Mmmm,” God moaned.

And she parted the water as she split her lips.

Her first two fingers probed the wetness. Each danced and dangled its way deep between the folds of her beauty.  “Oh, heavens me!” she cooed.

God’s fingers slid in and out in acknowledgement that this pleasure existed and she controlled it.

“Oh, heaven, yes!”

God pulled her left breasts and leaned ever so gently forward to kiss Day for its warmth and tenderness. She licked the tip of Day as it hardened between her pinched fingertips. A flick of the tongue and she pulled in a lungful of air. She capped it off with a hiss, her fingers sliding over her mound. The heel of her palm exposed God’s knob and she fiddled with it until she squirmed.

Then she let the day rest and explored Night with her motherly embrace.

A wet and loving tongue slithered over her erect nipple.

“Oh, Night. Such a glorious, glorious Night.

“Day suckled me, tickled me, loved me with its warmth. Night. Dear, Night. Ravage me, tease me, lull me away into your mysterious embrace.”

“Separate,” she whispered

Her fingers dipped back between the lips then coursed back over her lower lips. Each rotation took her deeper, further, faster into a willing submission of Night’s control.

The backs of her calves caressed the backs of her thighs. Each touch of her skin sent a corresponding shiver up God’s spine and a quiver of a moan out from between her lips.

She clasped the bottoms of her feet together and let her legs fall.

Each stroke below her dark mound pushed her legs wider, lower, deeper so they finally touched the firmness of the earth. The grounding pulled the electric sensations from the tip of her forehead, past the burning in her crotch and stretched it down to her curling toes.

A twinkle of Day’s light called her attention and she marvelled at the colors Day escorted.

Above her, the blue sky flooded and soothed her eyes. 

Below, cool grass tickled her lower back and buttocks, and nipped at the tips of God’s earlobes.

Her fingers slid in.

Her fingers slid out.

Moisture dripped from her fingers and pooled in the crack of her bronze-colored rear.

Oxygen flooded her lungs and a long, steady orgasm trembled her loins. “Ohhh, heavens!” she cried.

Streams of her heavenly juices spilled out of her folds and soaked the ground she claimed to beneath her. The firm earth held her head steady as an ocean of pleasure spilled out between her legs.

God smiled at the surrounding beauty.

The ground swelled with bountiful plants, blossoming flowers, and luscious fruit ripe for picking, plucking, and sucking.

God marveled at the explosions of colors, smells, and tastes her pleasure begot, then meandered through the Day and into the Night with a smile of contentment lifting the corners of her mouth toward the heavens.


“Come forth, Day. Bring your light to warm my beauties and me. Shower your light upon us. Tease us with your potential, dear Day.”

The day crept in and bathed everything in light. A wind followed on its heels and kissed the glistening dew with a blistering coldness that froze little crystal teardrops on the tips of all the greenery. 

Goosebumps shivered down God’s arms and legs.

Both nipples stood as a cold wind wrapped itself around her long dark legs and howled through her glistening dark mound, sending whispers of agony from her constricted brown lips below.

The rest of her body stiffened, and she lifted her hands above her bare voluptuous breasts. 

God cried out through a trembling plea. “Dear, Day. Be nice, please.” 

Day loved God, and the bitterness sloughed away. 

As the cold abated and the ground softened under God’s feet, the retreating harshness tickled her mood and hoisted her up on the balls of her feet as she jostled around the banks of the water she created the day before.

Beads of sweat formed on her head. Some disappeared into her dark black hair. Others trickled off her cheeks, onto the ripples of her collarbones, down her breasts and merged with the flood of brethren now slithering graceful curves across God’s stomach. 

She ran her hand through her hair, down her neck, and over her belly, carrying the water with her between the crack in her thighs and back up her labia for another tingle. 

God purred with her own touch and stopped at a comfortable-looking rock by the shore. She rubbed the surface flat then set her buttocks into the seat. She placed her arms behind her and dipped her head back, dangling her thick, dark hair down her back. 

Moisture ran down her face. It poured from beneath her armpits. She gasped for air in the stifling heat, then requested to Day, “Be nice, sweet Day.”

A peach in the tree next to her thudded to the ground. The leaves changed from green to a campfire orange that a steady breeze soon blew to the ground.

Her toes curled into the grass and dirt below her feet as she swiped herself with a certain briskness, just enough to start and hold an appreciative breath for the cycle Day took her through. ”Thank you, sweet Day. Good Day.

“Sweet night, come home. Good day, run along.”

And the day slipped off over the mountain tops, pulling the night’s sleepy countenance slowly behind.

God dove deep into her loving vagina. The flow of her essence glimmered on her fingers and coated the fleshy folds of her labia. She pulled the hair back and twirled the moisture and her loving touch over her beloved knob until she came, this time more ravagingly and recklessly. A torrent of her essence flooded out into the ocean, stirring, rocking, and splashing the ocean for hours.

God was pleased.

When the seas calmed, she waded out into the sea to wash.  As she hung her head over the water, the twinkle in her eyes reflected in the darkness above.

A drop of her water fell from her chin into the water. A ripple danced over her reflection and sent the little sparkle rocking. 

God grinned with joy as she added another twinkle to her eye and watched the reflection in the water. She plucked these glimmers out of the reflection in the water and tossed them over her head into the sky. God giggled then found a patch of soft grass and a hill to support her fascination with these winking wonders she added into Night’s sky with her fingers.

God worked throughout the night, filling the darkness with the winking lights.

When she grew weary of poking the universe into existence, God whispered to Night, “Rest sweet Night. Return again when you’ve done so.”

And the night slid behind the curtain of blue as God stood admiring her creation in the light of Day.


God walked along the edge of the water; one foot slid through the silky softness of her ocean. The big toe on her other foot traced tiny V’s in the sand.

“Live and breathe!” she called to the ocean. “Swim with joy! Dive deep and chitter shallow! Fill them far and wide.

A dolphin crested out of the ocean, touched his nose to its tail, and returned with a series of pips and squeaks.

God clapped her hands and danced on the shore. As she frolicked in the shallows, the squiggles in the sand caught her attention.  She took a deep breath and blew across the sand.

The squiggles lifted into the sky, turning over and under before their erratic flipping and flopping morphed into rhythmic flapping and all the eagles, hawks, robins, and doves, the pigeons, the swallows and the finches filled the sky. They flew through the sky, and when they grew tired  settled in the trees, filling the branches with song.

God’s bosom swelled and tears of happiness fell from her eyes, creating the lakes, rivers, and streams as she crossed the lands.

Upon reaching a cliff, she dove into the ocean and rejoiced as similar songs, clicks, and murmurs littered the waters. God’s aquatic animals swam over her, under her, and nibbled, kissed, and pecked on her fingers and toes in gratitude for the life she bestowed.

And as she commanded, Day grew weaker and its fire subsided as Night woke up and stepped in to help usher in the next iteration of God’s plan.

In the twinkling darkness the birds slept, yet God wished for more. She wished for the birds and fish to have more brothers and sisters and cousins to occupy the highest mountains, the lowest valleys, and deepest trenches. Life seeped into every nook and cranny that her creation could house.


As most of the birds slept, the mighty owl “Who Who Who Who’d” at the field mouse that scurried past its large yellow eyes.

Snakes slithered up the trees and tickled the bellies of the birds with their temptress tongues.

Jaguars and mountain lions scaled the trees after the sneaky snakes. 

Sharks corralled the fish. 

Whales swarmed the plankton.

Monkeys lounged in the swinging vines, and a lion lay lazily in the grass, admiring his shadow the moon cast while the lioness took care of business.

Everything existed for everything else and every bit grew and prospered.

God climbed out of the water and used the moss from the trees to dry. 

Her feet dangled off a cliff, and she propped her heels against the rocky crevice. The tips of her toes skirted over the top of the water, creating waves that rolled into the sand and shushed her creatures with their arrival.


A glow within her warmed and touched everything around her. Day took notice and came bounding over the ocean. 

Everything from the tiniest ant hill to the swarmiest school of anchovy beckoned for her attention to show off in front of her. God admired them all with the utmost discretion, attention, and love.

In the afternoon, God sat down and leaned into a cypress tree next to a lake. She ran her hands through her hair and down her neck. Each nipple hardened in her hand as she cupped her fingers over her breasts.

God leaned her head back gently and sighed; part from tiredness, part from content, part from lust.  Her own touch felt cold. She reached up to the sky. The sun kissed her hands, and she returned the fire to her pussy. The fire sizzled and died.

Frustrated, she ran her hands over her breast again. She licked her lips then ran her hands down the beautiful curves of her belly then out her legs. 

Playfully, she danced her nails over her skin.

The fingers circled her knees… once, then twice. 

She rolled her head around and focused on her touch as she pulled her hands up the inside of her thighs. 

The dark patch of pubic hair ensnared her fingers.  Each tug and twirl tangled and tickled her fingers closer to her swelling lower lips. 

The middle finger massaged her lips into the anticipation of something more than what she had, something more to… someone to surrender to. Of someone to do her and please her. Someone in her image. 

A fish jumped in the middle of the lake. The ripples reached out to God and pulled her into the water.

The glassy water reflected loving eyes and her longing cries to be filled. 

God ran her fingers over the reflection of the hair dangling past her shoulders and pulled it under the ears. 

Her index fingers sharpened the cheekbones, squared the jaw, and thinned the lips a smidge. She rounded out the shoulders, then sculpted the chest and abs. As she did, the moistness returned. 

His hips slimmed. The thighs slimmed and bulged. And between his legs, she crafted a beast.

God needed filling. She needed stretching. She craved something long and thick; she could satisfy herself just fine. God needed pleasure with a dash of pain and punishment to send her off the rails. After tugging it a tad longer and fluffing it a bit wider, she rubbed her vagina in wanting as she finished his lower legs with her free hand.

A bubble lolloped to the surface. A hand exploded out from the surface, shattering the reflection.

She reached her hand into the lake and pulled out her creation. 

He stepped out gently with a gasp, clasping his hands around God’s neck as she pulled him to her breasts and patted the water from his heaving lungs.

Man cupped God’s breast and pulled her nipple to his mouth, which he teased lovingly with the tip of his tongue. He drew widening circles around her areola with his mouth opening ever so slightly on each rotation before he opened wide enough to engulf her nipple and a large part of her tit in his mouth.

Man suckled and fed as God filled him with her milk. With each pull from her breast, Man’s muscles tightened and his member swelled until his hardened cock banged between her legs and knocked on the glistening wet gates of her throbbing lips.

God put her fingers under his chin and lifted his mouth to hers. Her milk dripped from his tongue and the corners of his mouth as he cupped the back of her head and pulled her face into his. 

With each swipe of their tongues, passion fueled their kisses, and an exponentially increasing amount of lust filled the hole between her legs. God stumbled backward until they reached a slope. 

Man put her down with one hand around her waist and the other on the gentle incline of the plush, green hill.

God spread her legs and held her hand up pulling him down into her he knelt on his knees and slid in gracefully. God gasped as he stretched her further than she expected. She bit his neck then dug her heels into the curves in his hips, pushing him deeper and deeper inside.

Man slid one hand on the small of God’s lower back. He pulled her close and set her back down with each wave, with each push, with each pull of his mighty cock inside her quivering pussy. 

God moaned, and the world rejoiced. 

The birds sang. The lions roared. The elephants trumpeted. The bugs chirped along.

“This is yours,” whispered God. “It’s all yours. To care for, love, appreciate, and respect. Even I am yours. This is your taste, so you know what to look for.”

Man looked deep into God’s eyes and smiled. “You’re mine”

“And I’m yours.”

God bucked her hips into his pelvis. She wrapped her legs around his back and clamped his pelvis onto hers. 

Man jammed inside her, rubbed against her, and finally spasmed inside of her.

God clawed his back as she came with him, then she pulled Man into her as his body relaxed.“You’ve had me once. You may have me forever more, if you can remember how to love me.”

“But how would I forget?”

Her fingertips brushed his eyes closed. 

Man curled into her arms, babbling and twitching.

God set Man under the tree. She whispered to the animals to watch over him and disappeared into Night.

Is God a Woman?

After reading that, I have to say, “Hell yes, She is.” Sorry, old man god with your long flowing beard, harsh judgements, and bad temper. God is a woman. Not only that, God is Woman. Woman is God. At least, She is in my world. If you’d like to stay in my world, click here for more free books/stories. I’ll be fading these out as I transition into more of the erotica bible stories like you read above, so get them while they’re still available. Grabbing one, signs you up for my mailing list. It will also put you in the front of the line when I release new books. First to know = cool kid status 😉

What happens next? What about Adam and Eve? The Garden of Eden? Noah and the flood? Cain and Abel? Babel? Abram? And the dirtiest of them all… Sodom? Those are all in Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I and it’s available on Amazon. Buy your copy TODAY!

Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I is intended for adults 18 and up.

Note – Erotcia is my brand of erotica stories. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s spelled wrong.” Nope. It’s not. Erotcia is my flavor of erotica. It sounds Italian. I don’t think it is, but I like it. I think you will, too.

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  1. Jacqueline Wright

    This was a lovely creation story. I’ve often seen God as Woman in many of the miracles around us. This passage hit home the hardest as to why God is Woman: “ Monkeys lounged in the swinging vines, and a lion lay lazily in the grass, admiring his shadow the moon cast while the lioness took care of business.”

  2. Can’t wait to read this, it does make you wonder about things. I think this is going to be an interesting and exciting series. Keep up the good work. Love reading your books.

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