Erotcia Writing

Erotcia Writing

Erotcia Writing is my first erotica collection. I’ve been publishing stories since March of 2020. This post goes live on June 15, 2020. I didn’t get a book out every week, but I hit most of them. I think the only week I missed was because of a hold up on approval from Amazon. I’ve fixed that (hopefully) by getting my books to them weeks in advance and setting them up for preorder.

Like I said, Erotcia Writing is my first collection. You can call it an erotica collection or an erotica anthology. I called it Erotica Writing ( I know. Weird as shit title) because like all my other titles, that’s what people search for on Amazon. There are (no shit) like tens of thousands of searches a month for Erotcia Writing. I’m not sure why, unless people are looking for how to write erotica, but I seriously don’t see that many people trying to get into erotica writing and the couple of books on the subject are not best sellers, so…

My first erotica anthology/collection/group of stories is called…

If you said Erotica Writing, you win a cookie. It’s a virtual cookie, but one nonetheless. 🍪

Go get some milk and enjoy your prize.

While you’re gone, I’m going to keep typing, because this is a new tech feature on WordPress sites where what you read is actually being laid down onto the page, by yours truly, live.

Yep. I am typing this while you are reading it. Crazy right?

Give me back the cookie, silly!  😛Erotcia Writing

Erotcia Evolution

Enough silliness. If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ve witnessed my writing grow and transform. The first erotcia story I write was Erotcia Cowboy. After that, came Erotcia Doctors and Erotcia Alien Romance. I honestly can’t tell you what came next. I know the Taboo ones, Erotcia Mother & Son and Erotcia Stepdaddy were pretty close to the front. I remember other taboo books on Amazon to try and figure out how the hell you would end up having sex with your mother (stepmother) and father (stepfather).

As I wrote both of those erotica stories, I could actually see the scenarios falling into place and my justifications for the actions that followed all seemed plausible. I remember going from, “Damn, that’s fucked up,” to “I’d so fuck my… if I was in that situation.”

I honestly never saw myself writing erotica, and the funny thing is I definitely never saw myself writing romance. In fact, at one time, my father actually suggested I try my hand at it, saying “that’s what people read.” I told him he was crazy if he thought I’d ever end up doing that. He’s laughing at me from the grave. Damn, I loved that man, and damn him for leaving so early. Sorry for the drama.

Erotcia Romance?

Anywho… here I am, and guess where my writing is transitioning?

Yeah, romance. I’m still gonna stick a heavy dose of erotica in it, so what I am putting together for the next couple of months is actually erotica romance or you might be able to call it romance erotica. Although, I personally “might” feel cheated as a reader if you threw the romance genre up front.

Take, for example, Erotcia Vampire. This book is hardcore! It’s got a lot of everything, but there’s no mistaking it as erotica.

The Erotcia Spanking series, on the other hand, is ending up going in the romance direction. So is the Erotcia Alien Romance series.

Those books are hot on the heels of Erotcia Writing with Spanking II coming on June 22, 2020 and Alien Romance II coming on June 29, 2020.

Erotcia Writing

There’s a lot of work coming your way over the next couple of months. I’m loving every minute of it, but we’re not there yet and I need to keep it in the present. So, for now, here’s Erotica Writing. I hope you enjoy the stories in this collection. If you bought or read a few of them before, now you can pick up all of the first 11 published stories and the two free taboo stories (13 stories in all at 342 pages) I had available on the website, all in one very reasonably priced package ($3.99).

In alphabetical order, welcome to the Erotcia Writing anthology club:

Erotcia Alien Romance

Erotcia Cowboy

Erotcia Doctors

Erotica Mother and Son

Erotcia Office

Erotcia Office Group Sex

Erotcia Old Man

Erotcia Old Man Younger Woman

Erotcia Science Fiction

Erotcia Spanking

Erotcia Stepdaddy

Erotcia Teacher

Erotcia Vacation

And they’re now all available on Amazon in my first erotica collection with the jacked up name, Erotcia Writing.

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If any of those sound interesting, sign up on the erotcia homepage or on the righthand side of this post where it asks, “Wanna be a beta reader?” Everybody gets on the main newsletter list at this point and until I figure out how to segment subscribers and all that other techy blah, blah, blah….

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