Erotcia Vampires

Erotcia Vampires

If you don’t get into Erotcia Vampires, you might want to check your pulse. This is without a doubt my best work to date… and the best part is this is just the first chunk of the series. There’s a whole lot more coming with Wisteen and Max. As of right now (7-5-20), I am working on building out the Erotcia Vampires series into at least six stories.

Can you handle it?



Don’t Bite…Unless You’re Ready for Blood!
Max has spent his life, and the lives of countless others, waiting… for the dyad.

Their union has the power to take him from a life spent in the darkness into a life of choice, of feeling, and death (please).

When he finally finds her, a long-standing relationship with another vampire threatens to wipe away his efforts. There’s only one. And if she’s gone, so are Max’s chances of freedom.

Erotcia Vampires is the first book in the Vampire series that follows Max and Wisteen in a twisted tale of power, dominance, sacrifice, and vengeance. Fans of K.F. Breene, D.J. Heart, and Bo Naidal will lap up every juicy detail of this fast-paced vampire romance.

Erotcia Vampires: Sneak Peek


Max stooped over the edge of the building. A cool breeze wafted down the street. Night fell hours ago. A dark blanket covered the city. The humans did their best to fight the oncoming darkness with their lights and electricity, but there was no winning against the departure of the sun. Darkness prevailed every night. The rest of the world needed its time to bask in the glory of the day, but not everyone lives and breathes for the daylight hours.

Max jumped.

A shadow fluttered between the buildings. The window creaked open. Max reached in, pulled the curtain to the side and fastened it to the wall. 

He slid into the room and cut the bedside light.

A thump came at the door. Max slipped back through the bedroom and lifted himself out of the window. A fluttering sound followed his departure. The curtains moved back and forth, almost waving goodbye to him. He knew the room. Those curtains just as well. He parted them most nights. Just like the man in apartment 18C parted his wife’s legs. 

Max loved to watch. He thought the couple instinctively knew he was there. He thought they enjoyed knowing that he watched them.

Max settled down on the edge of the building across the way. He leaned against a gargoyle that guarded the corner of the building. A blurb of shadows came crashing into the bedroom he had just left. The two of them kissed madly. 


Date night. Erotcia Vampires

It almost always ended like this. 

Max hadn’t missed it in weeks.

The man, Rich, was hung like Max. Maybe even a little larger, which was a feat in and of itself. Max prided himself on his length AND girth. 

He loved to watch Rich violate his wife. His pulsating rod disappearing between the victim’s legs. The always present shock of such mass fitting into the tight crevices of the snatch he had procured for the rest of his life.

Lori got it most nights from Rich. She knew what she had, and she wasn’t letting that thing go.

Rich was better looking. 

Lori might be a seven, maybe an eight and a half after a glass or two of wine, but she played the wife through and through. 

She knew exactly how to take care of her man. 

And Rich knew how to take care of her. 

They made a beautiful couple, and Max enjoyed watching them take care of each other in and out of the bedroom.

Someday, thought Max. She’s out there.

Lori fumbled with Rich’s tie. She gave up after a few tugs, then dove down to his pants. She ripped the belt out of the loops and sent it flying across the room.

Would have been nice for a spanking, thought Max. Oh well.

Max pulled out his own growing cock and massaged the tip between his fingers.

Lori bent down. She grabbed her husband with both hands. His cock flopped out of his trousers like a hunk of meat. 

Lori’s eyes bulged from insatiable desire. Even after three years, she still hungered over his cock each time she saw it. 

Max could tell from her scent that half the time Rich wasn’t invading her, she wished that he was.

Lori slipped the tip of his cock between her lips. As soon as she wrapped her lips around his enormous head, the rest of his dangling cock twitched. Lori swayed back and fell against the bed as Rich’s cock swelled inside her mouth.

“Take that cock, baby,” said Max as he lightly grazed his own cock.

Lori’s head retreated further and further until Rich had to take a step back to accommodate his length and not break his wife’s neck. 

Lori knew exactly how to handle a man like Rich. She had trained for years. 

Her game face took over as she slobbered all over his head to make sure he had all the lube her mouth could produce. 

Saliva dripped from her chin. A long stroke of Rich’s manhood took the string of spit from her chin down to the very base of his trimmed pubes. She ran her hand up and down his shaft and twisted whenever she reached the crown. 

Rich’s head rolled back as he cupped Lori’s head in his hands. She put one hand on his belly to make sure he didn’t push down into her too far. Rich was big enough to unhinge her jaw if she let him. Lori loved her husband enough that she would if he asked.

Max loved watching the devoted wife service her husband.

After several minutes, Rich put a hand under his wife’s chin and raised her up. He ran a hand through her hair and kissed her full-on. Then he grabbed her by the waist and twirled her around. One hand at the middle of her back pushed her over. The other hand pulled her tight skirt over her plump ass. 

No underwear. 

Fuck the tease. Easy entry for her knight in shining armor. 

Lori never wore them. Max had followed them on more than one occasion. 

Lori would take her husband in the park, in an alley. 

She sat on his cock in a crowded subway car one night. She had taken his dick out while they were smashed together. She used her coat to cover her lap as she pushed him down into an empty seat while the doors opened and people cleared out. She released a startling gasp when he shot straight up to her gut. The look on her face told Max she’d either sat on a pole or snorted gasoline.

Lori didn’t care where they were as long as no one else got a shot of her husband’s package. That was for her eyes only, and she definitely wasn’t sharing. She was too scared of losing him. And the way she treated him, there was no way Rich would ever leave her.

Their love ran deep and their passion even deeper. 

Max wanted that. He longed for it.

It’s what drew him to their window so many nights. 

The passion. 

Their heat for each other consumed all the oxygen in the room and spread out through the windows like an untamed wildfire.

Centuries of living has a way of jading you against much of life’s comings and goings, but sometimes you get a glimpse of something special, something you just can’t take your eyes away from. Something so fresh and beautiful that you have to look. You have to marvel.

Rich and Lori. 

They’d die an old happy couple. Max was sure of that.

Rich pulled off his tie. He grabbed Lori’s arms and secured them behind her back while Lori begged him to enter her.

Max smelled her scent from across the street. His cock stiffened. The blood vessels wrapping his trembling cock felt like they’d jump through the skin. He stroked himself back and forth, stopping for a brief twirl at the tip before sliding back down.

Rich leaned over his wife. He grabbed her by the head and jammed his tongue inside her ear. 

Lori squirmed then begged with a whine. “Please. Stick that beast in me, please, baby.”

Rich pushed off her back. He kicked one leg open then flicked his foot at her other leg. She sunk further into the bed. He stood off to the side then laid a large hand on his wife’s ass. The smack echoed out the window. 

Max winced. “Hell, yeah.”

Rich pulled back and laid another one on the opposite cheek. 

Lori screamed as he came down once more.” Baby. Fuck me!”

Rich grabbed his cock and ran his hand up and down the slobber-covered shaft. Then he walked around to the head of the bed and pulled off one of the king-size pillows. Lori gazed at him like a hungry lioness, licking her lips as he walked back and forth, his cock bouncing like a lance in a medieval jousting tourney. 

“Fuck me, baby!” she begged.

Rich slid a hand under his wife’s belly and lifted her just enough to slide the pillow under. Then he came down hard on her ass again.

“Fuck that pussy,” said Max through gritted teeth as he worked his own cock.

Rich slid between her legs. He placed his palms on her ass cheeks and pushed them up, revealing the lovely pink flower beneath. He stuck his fingers in his mouth, then slipped his wet digits into Lori’s pussy. His fingers explored until he twirled them up and swiped against her g-spot. Lori shook on the bed. 

A longing moan escaped her lips.

Rich pulled his fingers out and came down hard on her ass again.

Lori shuddered on the bed.

After a quick slide up and down his cock, he buried himself deep inside his wife. 

Three years they had been married. They had dated for two before that. 

Five years she’d had his cock, yet every time she received him, her look remained the same.

Complete and utter shock.

He took her breath away. 

Not the cheesy romance swoon, but in the physical sense that once his cock reached inside of her and tickled her belly, she literally lost a breath. 

He robbed her body of the chance to oxygenate itself. In a sense, that cock could kill her and she’d go a lucky woman.

Rich tugged at the tie that bound Lori’s wrists. 

Her plump ass cushioned some of the blow. A smaller woman could never take all of that manliness. Lori’s ass saved her. 

Rich took it easy at first, but once he got going, Lori demanded more.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

Not one to disappoint his queen, Rich tore into her. He let go of the tie and plowed into her over and over, his hands resting on her hips.

“Fuck that bitch,” said Max, stroking his cock to the rhythm.

Footsteps startled Max. He closed his eyes and honed in on the scent almost immediately, then continued stroking himself.

A hand wrapped around his waist. Another came up under his arm with a wine glass.

“Got you a treat.”

Max sniffed at the glass.


“Let me take that for you.” Selena slid around in front of him and took over where Max had left off. 

Max had lived a hundred lifetimes or more. He had stopped counting a long time ago. 

Existence is everything to a vampire. 

It’s all there is. 

All there ever will be. 

Existence in a dark life.

That’s an existence. That’s all.

It’s not that he longed for the light, but Max hated being relegated to the darkness without a choice. He hated the death of choice. The absence of free will. 

All these humans who came in and out of the doors to the old warehouse Max’s coven used for the blood drives – most of them without purpose, most of them without a clue in the world about what they wanted, most of them wearing skin suits and prancing about their lives – didn’t know fuck-all about life, death, or anything remotely in between. 

And most of those that Max saw – he could hear the voices in their heads – were just as lost as the next person, each of them just doing what the other person did because they didn’t know any better themselves. 

No better than zombies (mindless vampires, now extinguished, as far as Max knew) during the Middle Ages. The zombies had threatened to wipe out the food supply, and the vampires came in and took care of business. 

Max didn’t know if they’d resurface. He hadn’t thought about it since they killed off the last one. Zombies were no more than vampire transformations gone bad. Mindless freaks of nature, kind of like the people going in and out of the doors below.

“But this one. This one,” said Max as he sniffed the wine glass, “is different.”


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