Vampires Part 7 Update + Release Schedule 2021

Raise your hand if you got kicked in the can this year. Since we’re all on the same team, I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret-secret.


Erotcia Vampires Part VII had been scheduled to be completed and in your hands by the end of November 2020, but then 2020 happened and well…

But that SNAFU helped me put together a little marketing plan so I can give it to you for FREE.

“What’s that, Lin? DId you say Vampires VII for FREE?”

Why, yes I did.

In fact, I’m gonna do you one better. I’m giving away all my future books for FREE.

There’s only one caveat. You gotta join the newsletter to get in on the deal.

I now have a very competent and attentive beta reading team. I have a group of other professionals that help me with editing, formatting, and covers. The area that needs more beef starts with YOU!!!

And YOU, if you so desire, will be part of my marketing team. That’s what you are when you’re part of the Erotcia newsletter. Your voice counts… much more than you realize.

Before I release a book on Amazon, I’ll be needing a crew to help me kick the tires, so to speak. That’s where my followers come in. For this privilege, I’d like to think you’d help me spread the word by sharing what you thought of the book. YOu can do so on Amazon, on Bokbub, on Goodreads, on your bathroom wall at the office. Don’t leave my number with the last one with promises of dirty favors, though, please!!

Pretty simple, right? That’s a for-life deal. I’m getting good at this whole erotica/romance gig, and I’m here to stay. I think it’s safe to say you may get a few hundred more of my dirty reads coming your way before it’s all said and done. I’ll be putting you in the ground with a smile as wide as Texas, sugar 😉

The First Deal

I’m doing a 12 Days of Xmas promotional starting on December 12th. I just realized the other day that I miscounted, and it’s actually 13 days, so everyone’s a winner. Starting on the 12th, you’ll get a free book from a different author. How’s that sound?

On the 25th, I’ll be giving away the ARC for Vampires 7.

So, if you start reading the series today (Erotcia Vampires), or any day between now and December 25th, you’ll be able to read the final book for free. Right now, Part I is permanently free. Part II and III are $0.99, and IV, V, and VI are $1.99.

When Part VII goes live on Amazon after the new year, it’ll be at least $2.99, maybe more. I still haven’t decided yet. Get in now, and you’ll be able to finish the series ON THE HOUSE!!

Alien Romance, Spanking, and the Other Series

These are coming hot on the heels of the new year. I had to take a few months off at the end of 2020, but I’m back in the saddle, and the other books will begin with Erotcia Alien Romance scrambling after Vampires in 2021.

Right now, I’m planning a bi-weekly release schedule for 2021 starting around mid-January, but if you follow the Erotcia newsletter, there will be no guessing. You’ll know exactly where I stand and when you can expect the next FREE read.

Sound good?


See you at

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