Erotcia Vacation

Erotcia Vacation

Erotcia Vacation was supposed to be called Erotcia Menage.

Story is, I had it all prepped and ready to publish and the day before it goes live, Amazon told me I couldn’t use the title, Erotcia Menage. Oh, well.

Both titles work well for this one, and Vacation actually has more search interest, so…Winner. Winner. Chicken dinner to Mrs. Boudreaux and her erotica series. The death of Erotcia Menage is the birth of Erotcia Vacation and another sinful erotica story to drive your hormones FUCKING WILD!

If you’d like to see how Costa Rica handles twins, you might want to definitely want to check out the sinister sister action in this erotcia short story.

Erotcia Season One

My first season wraps up on June 15th, 2020. The final book in this ‘season’ is called Erotcia Writing. It’s a compilation of all 13 short stories with two previously unpublished stories Erotcia Mother & Son and Erotcia Stepdaddy. Up until this point the only place you could get the two taboo books was off the website. They are gone now and only available through the Erotcia Writing anthology.

The taboo stuff and makes think, “No. Not me,” but if the case is presented right, it works. Erotcia Mother & Son and Erotcia Stepdaddy both work, and they are both July-grade HOT!!

I’ve got a little sample of Erotcia Vacation below. Enjoy!

Erotcia Vacation

“You bitch!” screamed Lisa, laughing. She sprayed coffee out her nose and splashed another gulp from the cup in her lap. Her tropical sarong did a half-ass job of soaking it up so it didn’t completely burn her legs, but it left a sting. “Are you trying to hit all these potholes?”

“Yeah. I got 24 so far,” said Marissa.

“I knew it! You are such a bitch.”

“But you love me, sis.”

“Love you, yes. 

“Like you? 

“Right now, I fucking hate you. My stomach’s already a mess from last night.”

“And that would be whose fault?”

“Yours, bitch. You made me take those shots.”

Erotica Stories - Erotcia Menage“Even the flaming one?”

“No, that one was on me…and that hottie.”

“And the three tequila shots before that?”

“Ewww. I’m gonna gag.” 

“Luckily, you passed out on the chairs outside by the pool. I might have left without you this morning.”

“Luckily, I put my clothes back on or half the hotel would have seen me laid out beside the breakfast buffet.”

“You slut.”

“You know it.”

“How was he?”

“So so. It was sloppy but satisfying. I’ll do him again.”

“Not sure if you’ll get the chance.”

“What do you mean?”

“He was running his ass off out the lobby this morning with his suitcase.”

“Shit, that’s right. I forgot he was leaving today.”

“Get his number?”

“Yeah, but he’s from Minneapolis or something stupid like that. Fuck that. I got no intention of visiting anyone up there, unless he’s fucking loaded and even then, he better have a vacation spot down here somewhere that he spends 90% of his time.”

“Yeah, you’d be miserable up there. Can’t say I’d let you live up there, anyway. Down here, well, that’s another story.”

Marissa hit another pothole. Just before she did, Lisa lifted her coffee cup up in anticipation. 

“Not this time, bitch.”

“You’re finally awake.”

“Hey, hold up,” said Lisa, looking out the side window. “Get a look at that.”

Marissa threw the car in reverse and backed up off the road, or trail, or whatever you call the mudslide of a track they were on. 

“Oh, wow! This is the spot the guy told me about. Completely abandoned. We’ll have the place all to ourselves.”


Marissa got out of the car. Her light blue ocean print sarong hung just off her hips. Each swing of her curvaceous bombs sent ripples through the fabric.

Lisa got out of the car. Her sunglasses hanging off her nose. She stumbled trying to get her sandals on her feet and stepped in a pothole full of water, splashing it up on her leg.

“What the fuck, Mo?”


“I’m still a little tipsy from last night. Or I might have fucking vertigo from that shit ass driving you just pulled getting us out here. I said keep it between the ditches, not ride right through them.” 

“That entire road is a ditch in case you didn’t notice.”

“Whatever. What I do notice is that perfect white sandy beach calling my name, and I’d rather be talking to that than listening to any more of your shit for the time being.”

“Well, then. All parties are in agreement.”

Mo reached in the car to grab their bags and straw hats. Lisa pulled out a little foam cooler from the back seat.

“Really. Already?”

“Five o’clock somewhere, right? Plus, I’m not ready yet, but I want to be prepared when I am. I still have to test out that vertigo theory. Shut your yapping and let’s go.”

A small muddy trail wound through a patch of jungle. They used some roots sticking out of the ground as footholds and some low-hanging branches to grab on to as they made their way down to the beach. 

Huge coconut trees shaded the first half of the sand and helped them ease into the heat. Lisa took her shoes off as soon as she hit the sand and plopped them on top of the little cooler.

“Oh yeah,” said Lisa, the sand whispering beneath her painted yellow toenails.

Marissa yelped. “Damn, that’s warm.” She hopped down the beach a few more steps, then whipped her towel out and twirled it around. After it settled perfectly on the beach, she spun around and met it on the sand. She placed each shoe on a corner, her bag on one, and her hat on the other.

“No wind, nerd. You don’t need to do that.” 


“Gotta be safe, Miss Safety Girl.”

“Serves me just fine, most of the time.”

“Bust out that bronzer. I want to look like an African by the time we leave here today.”

Lisa started oiling up her front. “Hit my back up and I’ll do yours.”

They both kicked back on their elbows and stared into the distance. The sun flickered off the water, making it look like a sea of shimmering diamonds.

“How’s that vertigo?”

“That’s exactly what it was. I wasn’t still drunk. It was your driving.”

“It was that road. I’d like to see you do any better.”

“Keys. I’ll drive back.”

“Deal,” said Marissa, handing her the keys. “Don’t lose them, you lush.”

Lisa stared down her big rimmed glasses at her sister. “I have a headache, though.”


“You know it always makes my head feel better. Plus, there’s no one out here. The guy from Minneapolis said this was a secret beach.”

“If the secret beach has a name, like “secret beach”, that means it’s not a secret.”

“Well, it’s a secret beach right now, so…You gonna help me out or what?”’

“Why not?”

“Thanks, sis.”

“If you’re gonna count on someone it better be me right?”


Lisa pulled the strings on her bikini top. The white top slid off her down her tits and hung on her nipples. Then she pushed the top aside. Leaning on one elbow, she licked her fingers and dove straight into her pussy. “Nothing better than an orgasm for a headache.

“Except an orgasm on a beach.”

Curious What Kind of Trouble These Twins Get Into?

I thought so.

Enough of the erotica sample. Get the whole story for free or as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription today. Find out how the locals treat these two sassy ass yanks by downloading Erotcia Vacation today!

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