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What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Erotcia Spanking Synopsis:

Sometimes You Need to be Broken First

Bella’s mother has plans for her young socialite daughter after she loses yet another job. Gone are the days of partying and living off her family money.

It’s time Bella learns to make it on her own and accept some responsibility.

The one man who can help mold her into the woman capable of taking over the family business just fired her.

When Bella’s mother gets involved, Chris Dilworth decides to give her daughter another chance, but will take some pounding to teach Bella how to navigate the ups and downs of business, life, and the relationships that drive them.


Erotcia Spanking (Full Book)

“How big was it?” texted Bella.

“OMG!!” texted Candace.

“How big is that?”

“Size of my arm.”

“How does that even work?”


“Did it hurt?”

“I thought I was going to cry, but he was so sweet, and he checked on me every little wince I made. By the time it was all the way in, I was bucking my hips for more. That cock turned me into a whore.”

“How’s that report coming along?” said Chris over Bella’s shoulder.

“Oh, it’s…” Bella put her phone face down and pushed it off to the side. “I was just…”

“Texting your friend about her boyfriend’s cock size. That’s an interesting conversation to have while I’m paying you to take care of one of my top clients, Bella. Your Mom pulled some strings for you to be here, and I respect her a lot. I hope you’re not planning on disappointing her.”

“Not at all. I was just working on it.”

Bella tapped on the mouse several times. The computer screen remained black.

“Might need to cut it on to get it to work,” said Chris, shaking his head. “That’s due first thing in the morning, Bella.” 

“I thought it was due Friday.”

“That would be tomorrow.”

“Is it Thursday already?”

“Week flies by when you’re playing doesn’t it? Have that to me first thing in the morning. I’m counting on you.”

“I’m not sure I’m going to get it done in time.”

“During normal working hours.” said Chris.

“But I leave at five.”

“Which means you’ll probably have to stay late.”

“But my hours are 9-5.”

“And the work you needed to get done during that time is not done, Bella.”

“Seeing as how your computer isn’t even on, I think you’ll agree with me that it’d be a wise decision to get that done no matter how long you have to stay tonight.”

Bella bowed her head. “You’ll have it first thing in the morning.”

“I get here at 7 am,” said Chris. “I expect it on my desk when I get here.”


“Come on, girl,” said Lexi. “Happy hour at the Fat Pelican.”

“I gotta finish this before I go. Chris caught me texting earlier, and he wasn’t too happy,” said Bella.

“That’s nothing. I do that all the time.”

“Yeah, but I told him I was taking a break and my computer wasn’t even on.”

“Ouch. Yeah, if you’re going to fuck off, at least attempt to look like you’re doing some work.”


“See you tomorrow then. We’ll go out tomorrow night. Too much of this shit will make you crazy,” said Lexi, waving her hand around at the cubes and fluorescent lights.

“At least you’re not alone. Toni and Richard are here with you late tonight, too, but be careful with them.”

“What does that mean?”

“They’re a tad freaky. Just keep an eye out for where they are. They’re not always here doing work.”

“Why else would you stay late?”

“You got some learning to do, Bella.”

“I’m trying to get caught up.”

Lexi shook her head. “You’re as green as they come.”


Toni walked by and patted Bella on the shoulder. “You still here, huh?”

“Yeah, I only have a few more slides to prepare for Chris’s meeting tomorrow.”


“Chris has a meeting tomorrow with this big client. I’m putting the final touches on this report for him.”

“He’s golfing tomorrow.”

“He told me he needed this by seven am for his meeting in the morning.”

“He’s just putting the squeeze on you. But if he says have it done. I’d get it done. Do you want any coffee? Looks like you’re struggling to close it out.”

“No thanks. That stuff makes me shake. I hate the way it tastes, too.”

“You’ll find it’s your best friend before too long, especially if Chris has you working for him.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means he’ll work you. Push back a little and you’ll find your common ground with him.”

“Really? I think I better do what he says for now. My mom…”

“You’re a goodie little girl aren’t you?”


“Whatever. Richard and I are in the break room. If you need anything from in there, knock before you come in. We’re working on a little project of our own,” winked Toni.

“No problem. I’m just gonna…” Bella put her hand over her mouth as she squeezed out another monster yawn.

“You sure you don’t want coffee?”

“I’m ok. Good luck with your project.”


“With Richard in the break room.”

“Uh… yeah. That’s going to be a breeze. He’s doing all the work. I just have to help show him where to put everything.”


Bella stood up from her desk and stretched. She rolled her neck around and stared out the windows at the city blanketed in lights.

“Two more. You got this.”

She sat back down and her head immediately slumped over.

“Maybe I’ll try some of that coffee.”

The break room sat in the middle of the cubicle lined office. The blinds smudged against the glass windows.

“They must be moving stuff. Maybe I can help. A little movement will wake me up.”

Bella twisted the knob and walked in.

Richard froze with his cock buried deep between Toni’s legs.

“What’d I tell you about knocking?” snapped Toni.

Bella stood there frozen on the spot.

Richard shrugged his shoulders and kept pumping away.

Toni looked at Bella, wondering when she was gonna walk out the door. Bella just stood there with a blank look on her face, her eyes as round as the green start button on the copy machine.

Richard stood there with his pants around his ankles.  A pair of plaid boxers stuck around the middle of his calves. Black polyester socks hung around midcalf. The hair on his spindly legs stopped a few inches below his balls. A white button-up shirt flapped against his fuzzy ass each time he drove his cock into Toni. 

Toni had a few stretch marks around the top of her thighs, but overall she had a lovely plump womanly shape. 

“Girl, unless you’re gonna join in, do you want to back that ass up outta here?”

Bella looked at the half full coffee pot, then back at Toni.

“Go ahead,” said Toni.

Richard stopped and looked over his shoulder.

“Don’t stop, fool,” said Toni as she smacked him in the head. “I’m just getting warmed up.”

“I feel you, baby,” said Richard.

“Come to mamma,” said Toni, pulling his head against her bosom.

Bella closed the door slowly and tiptoed back down the hallway. She giggled at herself. 

If walking in didn’t slow them down, a few creaky footsteps aren’t gonna make any difference.

Bella hated the bitter taste, but by the time she got to her desk, checked her phone, and reengaged the computer, her body buzzed like a bee.

“Shit, this stuff is strong.”

Thirty minutes later she closed down her computer and walked out the door, feeling good about completing her work.


Bella’s phone rang at 7:02 am.

“I‘m here,” said Chris. “And my report is not. Where is it, Bella? I have a meeting this morning.”

“I thought you were playing golf?”

“Who…It doesn’t matter. What did I tell you yesterday?”

“Put the report on your desk. You’d be in the office at 7 am.”

“Exactly. I’m here, my report is not.”

“Can I email it to you?”

“Yes, you can, but that means I need to print it off, and I have to be out the door in five minutes,” said Chris.

“Sorry,” said Bella.

“I’m checking my email.”

“I’ll call you back when I send it.”

“I don’t have time to talk to you, Bella. Just make sure you send it.”

Bella logged into her work account, emailed the report and fell back asleep.



“It’s 9:15 Bella,” said Mrs. Bonitz.

“I overslept. I was here late last night.”

“Chris will see you in his office.”

“He’s here.” 

“Yes, he is.”

Bella walked to her desk to put her things down. The workstation was clean. She opened the drawer. 


“Shit,” she thought. “Already?”

“Bella!” yelled Chris.

A few heads poked up around the room like meerkats scanning the savanna, then shot back down when they saw Chris standing in his doorway.

The blinds in his office were closed. 

“Uh oh,” said Toni as she walked by. “Nice knowing you, kid.”

Bella slumped over and walked toward Chris’s office.

Chris nodded at the few eyes in his direction, and everyone got back to work.

“Bella, I tried. I gave you multiple chances here. It’s not going to work out.”


“You’ve been late half a dozen times in the first two weeks. You botched the report this morning, then you showed up late.”


“You’re not going to get me to change my mind. Having said that, there is an alternative.”

“I respect your Mom a lot. She’s actually a big reason where I am today. She’s done a lot to help further my career and my person standing in the community.

“I’ve been keeping her up to date on your progress. We both agreed that you’re not going to cut it in this setting.”

“I’m not sure what to do next.”

“That’s OK. We’re gonna take care of that for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“This is all based on you accepting the terms, but I need an assistant. I need someone to be by my side, take notes, help me with scheduling, and everything else. I’ve been looking for someone, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. 

“Anyway, you’re new at this whole work thing. All you need is some discipline, someone to teach you the ropes and show you what’s expected. You need someone to ride your ass. Someone to mold you. 

“You’re smart. You’re good at what you do, but you’re clueless and sloppy. I can help you, but it’s going to take more individualized attention. Some people need more guidance than others, you’re one of those people.”

“I feel like a failure.” 

“You’re not a failure. You failed. There’s a big difference. I made many mistakes myself and thankfully, I had quite a few people give me second chances.

“I don’t know you well enough to believe in you, but I do believe in your mother and her word.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“I need you to be my assistant. You’ll be with me night and day. I’ll arrange to have a room up at my place.”

“At your…”

“My house.” 

“It’s big enough. You’ll have your own space and time to do a little of what you want, but if you want to take over your family’s business one day, your mother insists that this is the only way to go about it.”

“I need to talk to her.” 

“By all means.”

“I’ll expect your answer by seven o’clock Monday morning.”



“How’s things with you and George?” said Bella.

“Wow! I think I’m in love,” said Candace.

“After a month?”

“Well, not with him.”


“His cock! It’s so big and beautiful. I love the way he stretches me out. It hurt at first, but now, it just…it fills me up and makes me feel like…He makes me feel like a woman with that beast inside of me.”

“That’s some penis.”

“No. Jason had a penis, and that made me feel like a girl. George makes me feel like  a woman. I want to roar when he’s inside me. Start my own little tribe. Slather war paint on my face and run out in the streets with a fucking spear in my hand.”


“What’s your deal, Bella?”

“I got fired.”


“That was the quickest one yet. What’s that… three in the last six months?”


“Damn! You’re going to run out of places to apply soon. Maybe you should take a vacation.”

“Mom says my whole life has been a vacation, and it’s time for me to take some responsibility.”

“You’ve had a good life so far. So what’s the next step?”

“I’ve got something lined up for Monday. Not sure if it’s the right thing. Mom’s kind of pushing me toward it. Says if I’m going to come anywhere near the family’s business I need to do some stuff on my own to prove I have what it takes.”

“She’s gonna let someone else do all the dirty work.”

“Sounds that way.”

“What’s in store?”

“She wants me to be Chris’s personal assistant.”

“Chris from Maywin? That company you just got canned from?”


“Damn, that man is fine.”

“He’s good-looking. He’s pretty intimidating too.”

“I’ve seen him at a few parties. He’s about as charming as anyone I know when he’s in the zone.”

“He keeps a lot of that charm with him in the office, too, but he’s also hardcore when it comes to getting things done.”

“I’d bend over backwards for that man,” said Candace. “Bend over forwards too. In fact, I’d bend any way he asked. He’s seriously packing, right?”

“I worked with him for a couple of weeks. It practically hung over my shoulder the couple of times he came to check on me.”

“Well, if you’re gonna be his personal assistant, it might be hanging in between your legs next.”

“I have to get this right, Candace.”

“That would be a good way to score, I would think. So are you gonna take it?”

“Mom’s not really giving me a choice. She says I get it together, or she restructures the trust fund.”

“Ole Marg would do that shit, too.”

“She wrote Dad out of the will. I don’t think she’d have a problem yanking the rug out from under me either.”

“You gotta earn it.”

“Yeah, that’s what she’s saying.”

“So when do you start?”

“I’m supposed to let him know by Monday.”

“If you want to start on the right foot. I’d tell him Sunday night.”

“You think so?”

“Definitely. Sounds like you’re gonna be spending a lot of time with Chris Dilworth. I’d make sure it starts off well.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“So, if that’s the case. Tonight’s your last night of freedom. Up for a night out?”

“I’m kind of over that.”

“How about joining George and I for dinner?”

“You don’t mind?”

“Not at all.”

“I’ve been wanting to put a face to the… cock.”

“Maybe I can get him to show you.”


“Come on. We’re best friends, and you’re about to go to jail. The least I can do is share my bounty with you. Might be a while till you get to see another one.”


“Dinner was fab, I’m tired, guys,” said Bella. 

“Ah, come on, Bell. Come back to my place.” 

“I’m ready to call it a night.”

“My man doesn’t mind, do you?”

“Fine by me,” said George.

“And I mean he doesn’t mind sharing me, if you know what I mean,” Candace said with a wink.

“I’ve never even been with another guy,” said Bella.

“If it’s ok with you, we want you to watch.”


“Kind of a voyeuristic thing. We’re experimenting right now. Who better to do it with than you, Bell?”

“So what am I supposed to do?”

“What do you do when you watch a movie?”

“You want me to eat popcorn while you fuck?”

“I got some.” 

“You’re weird.” 

“You’ll see. When you find someone you’re willing to open up to.”

“I don’t know about that. I’m looking forward to intimacy and love and…”

“… and a romance novel, long walks on the beach, sips of champagne, and long passionate kisses.”

“Yeah, that sounds…”



“Ok, what?”

“Let’s go.”

Candace looked at George. “Uh oh! We got a live one.”

The two lovebirds high-fived each other. 

“Hey, Cabbie. change of plans. We’re all headed to East Blvd.”

“Over by the river?” 

“That’s the one.”

“We’ll be there in 10.”


“You want anything to drink, Bell?”

“I’m good. So, you just want me here?” Bella sat down in the armchair on the other side of the couch.

“Is that comfortable for you?”

“I guess so she said?” she said flipping on the TV.

“Entertainment is over here, you geek.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Tell you what. Why don’t you light these candles and turn out the lights?”

“We’ll get  cozy while you do that.”

Bella scrambled through the drawer next to the oven and fumbled around looking for a lighter. An 8-inch purple dildo sat on top of it. It had an unwashed glaze covering the tip.”

“Gross. You keep your dildo by the stove.”

Candace lifted her face off of George’s. “Huh, that’s where it’s been. Pull it out for me and leave it on the counter.” 

“Looks like it needs cleaning.”

“Put it in the sink then,” said Candace as she ran her hands through George’s hair and dove back onto his face.

Bella walked back into the living room and lit five fat candles sitting in a large round piece of pottery. Little white stones scattered along the bottom. She pulled out a 20-pack of votive candles mixed with Candace’s Steven King collection and placed them around the tabletop.

Some candles let off an immediate scent. Others just glowed white, casting little flickers on the wall that made Bella’s shadow look more like an executioner than a casual onlooker.

Bella went back to the kitchen and put the lighter back in the drawer. She stopped at the refrigerator and started making sentences with the magnetic words Candace had on the refrigerator.

Candace came up for air again. “You gotta be kidding me, Bell.”

“Sorry. I feel a little awkward.” 

“Tell you what.”

Candace jumped up. Her titties shaking as she hopped over the back of the couch and came into the kitchen. Candace wrapped her arms around Bella’s neck and planted a big kiss on her lips. 

Bella pulled back a little. 

Candace grabbed the back of Bella’s head with one hand, then dove into her mouth with her tongue.

George sat on the couch, staring over the back. Bella cracked her eyes and tried to pull away when she saw him, but Candace forced her back into the kiss. After a few strokes, Bella fell in line with Candace’s lead. Candace moved her hand slowly up Bella’s sweater. Bella resisted at first, but Candace swatted at her hand and whispered to her. “This isn’t the first time…”

“But he’s…”

“My boyfriend, and there’s nothing to worry about. This won’t hit social media tomorrow. Stop being so uptight. Relax a little, Bell. When’s the last time you did that?”


“He’s not coming back.”

Bella choked up and Candace dove back in with her tongue. Bella met her this time, and they danced in each other’s mouths on the way back over to the couch.

George had already pulled off his shirt. His toned chest and abs looked like a wax sculpture at first. Short, shallow breaths barely moved his torso as he watched.

Bella and Candace could have passed for sisters any day of the week. They both stood about the same height, Bella a tad taller. Candace outweighed Bella by only a few pounds, but you had to know her intimately before you found the extra pinch around her thighs.

The rest of their bodies had all the right padding in all the right places. Candace filled out her pants in the ass while it would take a pregnancy for Bella to find into her womanly form.

Candace sat down next to George and pulled Bella next to her.

Candace pulled off Bella’s shirt and reached around to flip off her bra. Bella intercepted her fingers and pleaded.

“It’s ok. I just want you to be a little more comfortable.”

“I’m better, now. Thanks.”

“I got you, girl.”

Candace leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Then stood up and dropped her skirt. It fell like a leaf as it danced its way down her legs and settled onto the floor. She kicked off her heels and put her knees on either side of her George.

Bella gave Candace a few long strokes from the shoulder down the small of her back, over her luscious ass, and down the leg. Bella stroked all the way down to her feet. Candace curled her toes as Bella carried the long touch out the tips of her toes.

George reached down and popped the zipper on his pants.

Candace met him down there and finished off the zipper while he lifted his ass and slid the pants down to his knees. Bella grabbed his pants and pulled them the rest of the way down while he straightened his legs to accommodate her.

“Thanks,” said George.

Bella smiled.

George’s dick stuck straight back and rested on his belly. The tip of his throbbing purple head sat at the middle of his abdomen, just below his sternum. 

Bella’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

Candace looked over and caught her stare. “Told you.”

Bella shook her head in amazement as George flashed a half-bashful, half-confident smile.

Candace pushed herself back and kneeled down on the floor. Then she reached up and grabbed George’s rigid cock with one hand, pulling it to her like the stick shift of her dad’s old Porsche. 

Her hand looked like a Barbie doll’s trying to grasp an Oscar Mayer weiner.

Bella leaned forward a little to get a better look.

George nodded toward his cock, and Bella backed away.

“That’s the wrong size for me,” said Bella.

“You wouldn’t know,” said Candace.

“Hush,” said Bella.

Candace spit on the head of his cock, and eased it into her mouth. With a longing moan, she rubbed between her legs and slipped her fingers between her glistening lips. 

Candace went up and down on his cock with both hands while pulling it in and out of her stretched mouth. Each time her hair fell over her face, George brushed it back over her ear with a “Mmmmm.” 

Bella loved Candace as much as she did anyone in her own family. She was her best friend, her confidant, and everything else she had always needed in life. Even her first kiss and orgasm. Now she looked at Candace working George’s cock, and a warm glow filled her chest. Despite the circumstances she felt loved. She felt included.

She admired her friend’s passion, something she had very little of in life. 

She had always just gone with the flow, never finding anything or anyone that made her as excited as Candace now slobbering all over this gorgeous rod. 

Even though it scared her, she had a deep appreciation for the girth and length of this man’s dick and was more than curious about seeing it disappear between Candace’s legs.

As if she had heard Bella’s thoughts, Candace stood up. George grabbed his slippery dick and continued to jerk it while she swirled her hips in front of him.

“Candace Green. Come on down,” said George. 

Both of the girls snorted, and Candace slowly lowered her ass onto the awaiting pole.

Bella moved closer, almost leaning on Candace’s boyfriend’s shoulder and looking down his chest. She loved Candace’s ass and playfully smacked it while she was on her way down. Candace jerked up a few inches and sucked in some air. “Hell, yeah!”

George nodded at Bella and she got all giddy. Once Candace started back down again, Bella came across her other cheek with a sinking slap.

“Goddamn!” yelled Candace. Her teeth clenched. The muscles in her neck tightened.

George nodded a thanks at Bella as he grabbed one of Candace’s ass cheeks with one hand and guided his missile into her quivering juicy cunt with the other.

Candace curled her back and jutted her hips back and forth when her wet snatch touched the tip. She massaged her little lips over his rod until they split open for him and sucked him in. Candace gasped as he breached her hole.

Bella leaned over George’s shoulder, biting her lip in anticipation of the entire package disappearing. Bella put her hand on Candace’s ass and guided her down. 

Candace got a quarter of the way down, then jerked back up, then back down as she began a fast-paced twerk.

Bella licked her lips, watching Candace’s round ass toy with George’s sanity and his seed. Candace charmed that snake like a pro, then slowed to a stop as quick as she had started. She took a fast, hard breath, then slammed herself down. The back of her legs pounding onto the top of his thighs.

“FUCKKKKK!” she yelled as she bounced back up and twerked his tip again. 

“MY FUCKKK!” she screamed as she came, slamming down onto him once more.

George tossed his head against the back of the couch, gritting his teeth and squeezing every muscle in him to keep from blowing a hole in the top of Candace’s head.

Bella put her hand on Candace’s ass again and coaxed her down slowly where she sat for a minute just grinding front to back.

George grabbed her thighs and rode every wave of pleasure with her. 

Bella jumped up and went to the kitchen. She rummaged through the dildo drawer and fished out a spatula.

She came back around so only George saw her and motioned for him to turn Candace around.

George spun Candace over so she kneeled on the couch with her arms over the back.

“You ready for a pounding?” said George.

“Please,” said Candace.

“You sure?”

“Yes, please.”

“You’ve been a bad girl,” said Bella.

“I know. I’m sorry. Make me pay for it.”

Bella came down hard on her right ass cheek with the spatula.

Candace lurched forward, grabbing the back of the couch with both hands, her ass cheeks squinched together

“Get over here…” said George as he dug his hands into her hips. “… and say you’re sorry.”

“I am.”

Bella came down on her other cheek. “You are what, bitch.”

“I am! I am!” yelped Candace.

“You are what, you dirty little bitch,” said Bella as she came down hard again on Candace’s right ass cheek.

“Oh FUCK! I’m sorry! I was a bad girl. I’m so sorry.”

A pink square stuck out on each of her cheeks. 

George licked his hand and massaged each spot. With the other, he pulled back on her hip, forcing himself inside of her. 

“Oh, my god. Oh, my FUCK!!”

A surge of adrenaline rushed through Bella’s body. She lifted her skirt and climbed on the back of the couch with her legs spread in front of Candace. 

“Remember this?” demanded Bella.

“Oh, I do,” said Candace. “I missed it.”

Bella rubbed her pussy. She dipped a finger inside, pulled it back out and smacked Candace on the cheek.

“What do we do with that?” said Bella.

Candace reached up and laid her arms on top of Bella’s legs. Wet pussy sparkled in the candle’s jerking light.

Candace reached up and flicked her tongue on Bella’s pussy.

Bella straightened her arms up behind her and tossed her head from side to side. Her long brown hair whipped her shoulders.

Candace wrapped her arms around Bella’s waist and lapped up her juicy twat while her boyfriend slowly went in and out of her. 

All three of them let out a long, harmonious moan.

Bella slid her fingers all the way down Candace’s throat, then pulled them back out and examined the saliva dripping off her fingers. She put them on top of her clit and started circling. With each circle around her swelling clitoris, she twirled her head in ecstasy. 

Candace lapped up her dripping juices and sucked hard on each of her tight pink pussy lips as George began going deeper into her shaking pussy.

Candace took him all the way to her stomach. “More.” she moaned. 

He grabbed her hips and pushed into her ass cheeks a little further, and Candace gasped for air as her insides felt like they were coming up into her throat.

“GODDAMN!” yelled Candace between hard sucks on Bella’s labia.

Bella bit her lip and switched directions on her clit. 

George took two deep strokes, then pulled out and teased her with the tip on his cock. Her pussy nearly slammed shut with each stroke he teased leaving her.

“Baby, go!”


“Faster,” said Candace. “Pound that pussy for me. Make me hurt.”

George picked up the spatula and came across her right cheek like a crack of lightning. 

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!” yelled Candace.

He came down equally hard on the other cheek. Then he immediately tossed the spatula on the sofa, grabbed her hips, and laid into her pussy like only 10 seconds remained on the clock.

Candace grabbed onto Bella’s knees and pleaded. “Oh, please, cum. Please!”

Bella grabbed her friend’s head and fixed it right over her clit. Candace muffled some grunts before settling her tongue down on Bella’s pussy and rubbing back and forth as hard and fast as George pounded her from behind.

Bella tossed and turned on the back of the couch, almost losing her balance. Then she clamped down on Candace’s head and held on for dear life while the licking sent her into another dimension.

“Here it comes, baby,” grunted George.

Legs slapped. Muffled pants, slaps, and Bella’s moans filled the room in an orgasmic symphony.

George came first. As soon as he gushed inside of her, Candace’s entire pussy, from her lips all the way to her cervix, began violently shuddering. She sent gush after gush of sweet dripping juice onto the tops of George’s legs. The vibrations worked their way up to her mouth and reverberated up Bella’s spine as she came too. 

George stuttered over on the couch, pulling Candace on top of him, while Bella slowly slumped down into Candace’s juice that covered the cushions. 

Candace sat curled up in George’s lap, and Bella slid over onto Candace’s thigh.



Bella stretched her arms and legs and came out of the blanket that covered her on the couch. The candles, now stumps, had long since gone out. Twilight chased darkness out of the living room ever so slightly.

Bella reached for her bag beside the coffee table.

6:05 am.

She had known Candace since she could remember. Their mothers socialized in the same circles. They had been playpen buddies. Last night took it up another notch.

She wasn’t interested in the awkward next morning ‘hi, how are you?’ chitchat, so she scrambled to get her clothes together and snuck out the door.

She checked her messages while waiting for the elevator. 

Mom: Haven’t heard from you. Hope you’re considering Chris’s proposal. It will help you, sweetheart. This is a good opportunity.

Bella replied: Thanks, Mom. Gonna give it a shot. Love Bell.

Bella put her phone down for a second and thought. Yeah, I’m  gonna do it. Might as well let him know now.

“I’m ready,” she texted Chris.

She walked out the front lobby and sorted out an Uber.

Her phone vibrated in her hand.

Chris: “Want to start today?”

“Damn, does this guy ever sleep? It’s Sunday.” 

Probably at the gym.

Bella: “OK. What’s the next step?”

The driver pulled up, and she got in.

Chris: “Get a week’s worth of clothes ready. I’ll have my driver pick you up tonight at 5. Be ready at 5 pm sharp. We have a meeting tonight. My guy will have a dress ready for you. What size shoes do you wear?”

Bella: “I have plenty of shoes.”

Chris: “What size?”

Bella: “7”

Chris: “Be ready at 5. See you shortly after.”

Bella put her phone down in her lap. She turned on the camera to get a look at herself. She grimaced and closed the phone. “Here goes nothing.”

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The Erotcia Spanking book (Part I is FREE) is now available for free on Kobo, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Head over to any of those distributors to pick up your FREE book today. Hope you enjoyed your little taste of Erotcia Spanking. The second act to the book is now finished, and it’s in pipeline to be published. I have a June, 22, 2020 date set. You’re not gonna want to miss it. The second act is SIZZLING!!!!

In the mean time, check out the L.W. Boudreaux author page on Amazon for Erotcia Menage, Erotcia Spanking, and all the other erotica books in the series to keep your hands and fingers busy between now and the end of June.

3 thoughts on “Erotcia Spanking”

    1. The Youtube channel died a very sudden and tragic death when the powers that be decided it was TOO SEXY!! A very time consuming and unfortunate string of events, but we’ll focus more of our efforts here, now where there’s no one to tell us what we can or cannot do.

      I’ll be posting all the erotica romance trailers on the website from now on.

      By the way just finished Spanking II. It’s officially in the line-up to be published on June 22, 2020.

      Thanks so much for the support!!!

  1. It is now October 2020, Spanking II is nowhere! What gives? I can’t even find it under a different title. I really wanted to read the rest of the story.

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