Erotcia Spanking Part II

Erotcia Spanking Part II

Erotcia Spanking is one of the first series I started. Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming the second part, aptly named Erotcia Spanking Part II. Fucking genius title, right? I spent many a second head and chin-scratching, trying to come up with that one. I’m surprised I have any skin left on my face.

I really like the innocence that Bella portrays in the first Spanking book. Now, in Erotcia Spanking Part II we find out why she’s that way, and we begin to see her own up to the fact that she needs to shed the past to become the woman she thinks she can be in the future.

Does that future involve Chris?

Chris is more of a looming figure in the first Spanking book. In Erotcia Spanking Part II we see some of what makes him tick. And I’ll go ahead and tell you, he’s a very intricate timepiece (keeping with the ticking analogy… in case I lost you there).

I’m building this out as a series. I’m shooting for at least five books. This is obviously number two. I am also plan on putting the episodes closer together. I have five series I am juggling now, so the individual titles that I was playing with in the beginning will take a backseat as I flesh out the series I have either put out or are due in the coming weeks.

Erotcia Series


There are five series I am developing right now. All the links are to the first books in the series (on Amazon).

Erotcia Alien Romance

Erotcia Group Sex

Erotcia Older Woman

Erotcia Spanking

Erotcia Vampires (probably my fave!!)


Erotcia Spanking Part II: Synopsis


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In Erotcia Spanking II, Bella takes a leap of faith. By taking Chris up on his offer, she’s surrendering a big part of herself to him and his process.

When the train leaves the station, or in this case, when the mega-yacht leaves the docks, does Bella really have what it takes to turn her life around, or is she content living in the shadows of the past?

What would you do if opportunity knocked and when you opened the door, the life you knew you deserved was there waiting for you?

Would you stake your claim or keep hiding?


Erotcia Spanking Part II: Sneak Peek


Bella zipped up her suitcase and let out a sigh.

“Am I really going through with this?”

She picked up the picture from her bedside table. Her eyes instantly glistened over.

A young couple stood underneath an arbor full of blooming white flowers. Full of love and lost in each other’s eyes, all the planets aligned in their charts. One look at the couple and jealousy would instantly set in. 

They looked like they had it all, at least in the physical sense. A long-legged brunette. Beautiful skin. High cheekbones. That svelte look possessed by a yoga teacher.

The young man beside her sported the confidence to take on the world, with a loincloth and stick if he had to. Barrel-chested, square-jawed. 

A power couple through and through.

They wouldn’t just make it in life, they’d fucking crush it. 

That’s what everyone said.Erotcia Spanking Part II

They had that thing. You can’t name it. It’s just that, that… you know. You just do. 

People that knew them knew that from day one.

And they knew it, too. 

The universe wouldn’t allow it any other way.

A tear fell down Bella’s cheek. She held the picture up to her chest. Another tear followed and then a free fall of them rained down from her eyes, temporarily staining her powder blue tank top. She slumped down on the bed and grabbed at her sides as she hugged the picture tighter and tighter.

“Why’d you do it,” she sobbed.

“Why’d you leave me? I can’t do this without you!”

They had met freshman year in university. Both of them knew exactly what they wanted and how they were going to get it… until they bumped into each other in the parking lot.

They literally bumped into each as they backed out of opposing spots at a local café.

“Son of a…!” said Will as he got out of his Toyota. He looked up and saw the Audi symbol on the back of the other car. “Spoiled…”

Bella got out of the car, ready to give him an earful. She already had her phone to her ear and was chatting with her Mom about what to do next when she came face to face with Will. “Mom, I’ll call you back.”

After that, someone hit the slo-mo button on the life remote.

Nothing after that incident seemed to matter at all because everything that had been wasn’t anymore. Things changed drastically that day. The planets shifted, a black hole opened, a far off galaxy was born as another faded into oblivion.

They both got maybe a syllable out of their mouths of the intended script that pops into one’s head when two automobiles bang. The rest immediately turned to dust. 


Their first date happened in a coffee shop a few minutes later, followed up by dinner that same night.

Will looked up at the clock behind the cash register. “I’m supposed to be at work in an hour, but I’m having a hard time leaving you.”


That’s all she said. That’s all she had to.

“Coffee into wine. Try that Jesus,” he said over dinner. “Cheap wine, but…”

“Jesus pulled that trick for homeless people. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the stuff from the cellar. Probably boxed wine. You did it with a bottle. I’m impressed,” said Bella, hooking her leg around his as they disappeared into each other’s eyes.

“My roommate’s home tonight,” said Will as they walked out of the restaurant hand in hand.

“I live alone. My place is unbearably empty right now.”

“Alas! A catastrophe by Jove. We must rectify this misfortune… immediately, my dear!” joked Will with his posh accent.

They groped each other next to the car, half-arguing over who was supposed to get in first. Neither was able to leave the other for the three seconds it took to get in on the other side. Will finally managed to get her in, sprint around, and lock lips just as Bella mocked a pouting face on his return.

He did the same thing when they got back to her place, scooping her out of the car before her feet could touch the ground, and carrying her up to her door.

“Are we supposed to be doing this yet?”


“I mean, you carrying me through the door.”

Will looked up for an answer. “Dunno. Feels right, and I don’t want to put you down, so…”

“Fuck it!” she said and threw her arms around him.

Bella guided him through her little condo, directing him with muffled grunts.

One of her shoes landed on the coffee table. The other lay stranded in the middle of the hallway.

“Left. Watch the table. Ow!” she said as he swiped her foot on the door frame on their way into the bedroom.

Will put her down and she tugged his chiseled frame down on top of her with an “umph,” then rolled him over and straddled him.

She ripped through his belt and button like a cat.

The second she pulled on his zipper, he pushed on the back of his pants, getting them far enough down his ass for the party to get started.

She ran her hand up his hairy stomach and down into his jungle of pubes, then enveloped his hardness like it was a lifeline.

Will dug his heels into the bed. One by one, his shoes slipped off and thumped onto the floor.

Like a crazed woman, Bella worked the tip of his cock. Each slobbering slide and subsequent suck on the crown of his cock sent Will’s hips bucking off the bed. Two more spasms and he threw in the towel as he hooked Bella under the arms and yanked her toward him. 

They locked lips while Bella tried slipping out of her underwear. An audible tear in the fabric caused her to wince. Will’s throbbing cock proved to be enough to take her mind off of the cost of her favorite pair of panties.

Her fingers ran up his front and got tangled through his hair. Several tugs and broken knots signaled the end of their reign upon his rippled chest.

Bella lifted her ass.

Will secured his cock.

Bella split her luscious lips.


Bella lifted her mouth off his and gasped.

Will grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her back onto his mouth. 

An exploring tongue.

A confident grip.

A hip thrust.

Will prepared himself with a full chest of air. As Bella gasped, he filled her mouth from his own air supply, letting her know without a shadow of a doubt that her well-being was the priority. She melted back into him like a raindrop into the ocean, coming home after a long summer drought.

Everything else he did to her was icing on the cake.

She rubbed her clit on his pelvis while he probed her, stroke after drunken stroke. 

When she eventually climaxed, it went as slow as it came, a gentle release into him as he returned the gesture.

The next morning arrived with birds singing by the window and a few rays of sunshine showing up to tickle their eyelids and pull them from sleep back into the dream they now called home.


The next four years manifested the same way. Day after blissful day, they spent basking in the glory they created by being in each other’s lives, turning simple addition into one of the most beautiful equations on record…

Until the day it all stopped.

Where to Buy Erotcia Spanking Part II


Erotcia Spanking Part II is an Amazon exclusive book. I wish I didn’t have to tease people by putting the first book on a bunch of different sites, like Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple for free, but that’s the only way Amazon will let us put a free book on their site. We have to put it somewhere else for free, then ask Amazon to price match.

It’s a bit of a hassle, and it creates a void on the other sites when we don’t follow up with the other books because we can’t be part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited if we put our paid book somewhere else. A bunch of hoops, but they’re worth jumping through in the end. That’s where the readers are, for the most part. For the rest of you who started reading the series elsewhere, I’d recommend the Kindle reading app for your phone or tablet.

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