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Erotcia Sci-Fi

Any sci-fi erotica fans? Based on my research, survey says, “yes.” I put together Erotcia Sci-Fi expressly for those of you interested in a little futuristic fellatio. Usually, it’s the girl sex dolls that get all the attention, so I wanted to switch it up and see what it would be like for the women in the house to have their cake and eat it, too. Cause everybody likes cake, damnit!! Guys aren’t allowed to have all the fun.

Erotcia Sci-Fi is about a woman who starts working at a tech upstart that makes male sex dolls. As the company takes off, everybody’s excited about the future possibilities.

There are several group scenes in this one that I really enjoyed putting together.  Read it today on Amazon, for free with your KU account.

Erotcia Sci-Fi synopsis:

Keeping it Real Takes on New Meaning

Lydia’s friend asks her to help manage the promotional aspects of a start-up company that makes robotic romantic partners.

Soon, every area of Lydia’s life is exploding in the best possible way, until…

…a major malfunction occurs and her friends are caught in the middle of a computer glitch that threatens their lives.

Lydia and her husband, Rob, must come to the rescue and risk friendships and money.

Erotcia Science Fiction is intended for adults 18 and up.

Erotcia Sci-Fi

“Pull out your cock, Jeremey,” said Margaret.

“Yes, my queen.”

“Queen? Of what?” smirked Lydia.

“My heart,” said Jeremy.

Erotica stories - Erotcia Sci-Fi

“Oh, that’s rich,” said Ophelia.

“Not as rich as his cock,” said Rain.

“I know, right?  Look at that thing,” said Ophelia.

“Can you take that whole thing, Margaret?” said Lydia.

“Damn right I can. Every last inch.”

“Jesus, that thing’s an anaconda,” said Rain.

“Is that even legal?” said Lydia.

“They cap the size at 10 inches. I had Jeremy modified,” said Margaret.

“With elephant DNA?” said Lydia.

Jeremy stood there with his cock flopped out on top of the table.

Margaret reached over and stroked it. With each pet, Jeremy’s cock swelled.

“I’d pass out if that thing even came near me,” said Lydia.

“It took me a little while to get used to, but it’s all I’ll have now,” said Margaret.

“Earl gets nothing?” said Lydia.

“I let him roll over on top of me twice a week, but he’s a far cry from this thing.”

“Check this out. Let’s see the goods, Chief,” said Rain.

“Chief?” said Lydia.

“I like the whole ethnic thing. Turns me on,” said Rain.

“She’s my little Indian princess,” said Chief.

“That’s an impressive one, too, right?” said Ophelia.

“Rob’s about the same size as that,” said Lydia.

“Yeah, but can he stay hard for an hour?” said Rain.

“I don’t need him hard that long.”

“You need to work on your libido, girl,” said Rain.

Margaret plopped Jeremy’s dick off the table and placed it in her mouth.

“You girls are too much,” said Lydia.

“Come for me,” said Margaret.

Jeremy thrust his hips and blew a wad of jizz into a bowl that Margaret held in front of his cock. She stroked it several times and milked him dry.

“That will be all dear. Give your queen a kiss and take these dishes to the kitchen for me,” said Margaret as she waved her hand around the table at the empty appetizer plates in front of her and her three friends.

“Look at this,” said Margaret, holding the bowl of cum for Lydia to examine.

“Why’s it red? Is that oil?”

“Oil? Hell no. That’s completely synthesized sperm. Jeremy’s is pink because I programmed him  to add some strawberry flavoring to it.”

“You’re kidding me,” said Lydia.

“Not at all. Got my daily dose of vitamins and supplements in here, along with some real honest to goodness protein.”

“That can’t be real,” said Lydia.

“As real as that diamond you’re wearing on your finger, dear. You need to invest in one of these,” said Margaret.

“No, thanks,” said Lydia.

“There will come a day when your new husband… I know you cherish the whole true love thing and all, but there will come a day when that so-called love thing just loses its luster. You’ll be calling me when that happens,” said Margaret.

“I don’t think so. We have a very different relationship.”

“That’s what they all say,” said Ophelia. “There’s no such thing.”

“A relationship is a relationship whether it’s a business, friendship, or romantic. They are all exactly the same. And they wear down too because you’re two cogs in that machine. Wear and tear. 

“Humans are more prone to it and they’re programmed for complacency. Earl programmed that out of our robots along with a whole host of other things. I get what I want, when I want it, and however much I desire from Jeremy. So do these girls from their men…”

“Robots,” said Lydia.

“… whenever they want,” finished Margaret, ignoring her comment. “Let’s give our doubter a little demo, shall we girls?”

“With pleasure,” said Rain.

“Oh, hell yeah. That soup was just enough to warm my insides. I can’t wait to let Rodney do the rest,” Ophelia said as she stood up and grabbed her robot’s hand. “Time to show this girl what you got. Mamma needs some lovin’.”

Margaret picked up a little bell from the table and shook it.

Jeremy poked his head out from the kitchen. “Yes, my queen.”

“Put a hold on lunch for a few minutes. Your presence is needed out here.”

“With pleasure, my queen.”

Jeremy pulled off his apron, hung it on the back of the door, and strutted into the dining room.

The ladies and their robots strode out of the dining room and made their way down a long white marble hallway decked with modern paintings. A large mobile of bronze fish floated above their heads, also doubling as a chandelier.

The living room comprised four levels. The first level, ground level, circled around the rest on the same white marble. A dome above head also acted as a screen. As they walked in, Margaret hit a button on a remote. A beautiful starry night stretched across the dome.

Cushions covered each terrace. Black cushions covered the second level, white the next, and the final level housed a silver circular mat with gold pillows against a three-foot high wall that separated the bottom silver layer from the white one above it.

A set of padded stairs descended from the north, south, east, and west.

“Take your shoes off ladies,” said Margaret as she strutted down the first level. 

Jeremy came up behind her and scooped her up.

Ophelia’s robot followed suit.

Rain and Chief brought up the rear.

Margaret slipped out of Jeremy’s hands and slid onto the bottom level, which looked like a posh boxing ring. She laid back, slid out of her silk pajamas, and threw her legs in the air, beckoning Jeremy to enter her. “Come to mamma.”

Jeremy ripped off his shirt. Buttons flew all over the mat.

Margaret looked up at Lydia. “And he’ll be sewing those back on later this afternoon.”

“That’s probably the most impressive thing so far.”

“Girl, please,” said Rain as she walked by Lydia to the bottom mat.

Margaret ran her hands down to her ankles, then back up the inside of her thighs as she spread her legs wide. Jeremy pulled off his pants, tossed them up to the next level, and plunged his head between her legs.

Think Men of the Future Can Compete?

They might want to be careful how far they take this whole robot road we’re traveling down. Or not? Maybe everyone will have their own do as I say partner. Personally, I think that’d be a little boring.

Find out how the rest of Erotcia Sci-Fi unravels on Amazon. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription or Prime, you can start reading Erotcia Sci-Fi for free today. If not, it’s just 99 cents.

Wanna start a new series? Into Spanking? Check out Erotcia Spanking. The second book is coming out at the end of June 2020.

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