Erotica Stories -Erotcia Older Man Younger Woman

Erotcia Older Man, Younger Woman is a super fun story. As is true of all my first season stories, this is a short.

At this point, only Alien Romance and Spanking are planned as a series. Although enough expressed interest would sway me to continue where any of the others leave off.

I like Erotcia Older Man, Younger Woman because the main character just pulled herself out of a major slump. She’s celebrating with some self-care in the form a much needed beach day. Any day at the beach is just a day at the beach if you don’t throw in some turmoil. That’s the last thing Tabitha thinks she wants, but we all know a chick on a beach towel just doesn’t turn the pages.

Enter retired serviceman Reeves and his trusty sidekick, Toby the Jack Russell Terrier. Together, they’re planning to put a slay on the fish.

A girl, a rusty old man, a long rod, and a few beers. What could possibly happen?

Erotcia Older Man, Younger Woman is due out as a Kindle exclusive book on Monday, April 6th. If you have a Kindle Unlimited account or Prime you can read the book virtually free. It’s part of your membership, so the download costs NADA. Gotta love some free erotica. In the meantime, you can get a peak of Erotcia Older Man, Younger Woman below.

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Erotcia Older Man, Younger Woman

“What are you doing tonight?” said Tabitha.

“This,” said Anita, laying on the bed. She flipped the screen and pointed the camera out the door as her boyfriend walked in with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Erotica Stories -Erotcia Older Man Younger Woman

Miller waved at Tabitha. “Gonna be a good time over here in a few minutes. Wish you were here.”

“Three’s company,” said Anita.

“That’s what I hear. I’ve never…”

“Want to?” asked Anita.

“I’m in bed and you guys are on the other side of town. As much as I need to get laid, I need to sleep more.”

“You got the day off tomorrow, and then the rest of the weekend.”

“Yeah, and I need it.”

“You do, actually. You’ve been going straight for six months.”

“Yeah, but I got all my bills paid off and I’m starting fresh as of today.” 

“I got an idea,” said Miller.

“What’s that, hotness?” said Anita.

“She can still join in,” he said as he dropped his towel and slid under the covers with Anita. “Wanna watch?”

“Uh…, I’m not sure if I’d be able to see you guys the same again,” said Tabitha. 

“Yeah, you would. We’d just have clothes on next time,” said Miller.

“You’re always trying to get in my friend’s pants,” said Anita. 

“What’s wrong? You’re the one who’s always talking about how hot she is. I thought it’d make you happy, too,” said Miller.

Anita blushed.

“Really?” said Tabitha.

“Come on, Tab. You know you’re bangin’.”

“I don’t feel that way.”

“Let’s cut the poor me talk.” Anita looked at her boyfriend with a twinkle in her eye. “Fuck it! You’re gonna join in with us whether you like it or not. You can always turn us off, but you’ll be missing out. Miller is stacked, girl.”

“You want some of this?” said Miller as he pulled the phone away from Anita and scanned his girlfriend’s body with the camera.

Anita still had her red hair in a towel, but the rest of her milky white skin was bare. A little tuft of red hair poked out between her legs.

He panned down slowly and stopped at her tight belly to slide his head in the picture and lick around her belly button. 

“Open up, baby,” said Miller as he gave Tabitha an up close of Anita’s pink folds.

Tabitha licked her fingers and slid her free hand into her panties.

“Oh, yeah. Tabitha’s warming up,” said Miller.

He flicked his tongue at the top of her wiry, red pubic hair.

“Baby. That tickles,” said Anita.

“I’m about to tickle that pussy. You ready to give your friend a show?” said Miller.

Tabitha moaned as she slid her free hand down into the covers.

“Please,” moaned both of the girls.

Miller gave the camera a sinister grin. 

Miller pulled the phone back and put it on Anita’s jiggly breasts as he buried his face in her dense red mound. “Hold this, baby.”

Anita grabbed the phone and spread her legs wide for her man. His green eyes stared deep into the phone with vicious intent.

“You don’t shave?” said Tabitha.

“Yeah, I do. That’s my pet hamster,” said Anita. 

Tabitha snorted.

“You don’t like it?” said Anita.

“I love it,” said Tabitha. “I absolutely love it.”

“What do you love about it?” said Miller as he pushed her pubic hair up. He licked around the insides of her legs slowly up from each ass cheek, then paused at the top for Tabitha to see.

“I love the thickness of her hair. The color. I want to put my nose in it and breathe her scent.”

Anita moaned as she rubbed her tits together. “Tell me more,” said Anita.

“I love that milky white flesh around your pussy. It’s all so inviting.”

“It’s yours any time you want it,” said Anita.

“Until then, it’s all mine,” said Miller, splitting her lips with his thick long tongue.

Anita gasped as his tongue dipped inside her trembling canyon.

“Go get the selfie stick, baby,” said Anita. 

She winked in the camera then filmed Miller getting up from the bed, his half hard cock flopping up and down.

“Oh, my,” said Tabitha as she pushed the tip of her middle finger between her lips. “Thank you!”

“My pleasure, Tab. We’re happy to share.”

“This is the perfect way to end the night.”

“Here babe,” said Miller. He flew back into the room and dove between Anita’s legs. Anita moaned as he face-planted on her pussy with his arm extended, handing her the selfie stick.

Anita popped the phone in and held it behind Miller’s head, so Tabitha could watch him eat her pussy.

“How’s that for a view?” said Anita.

“Hell, yeah!”

“You look gorgeous, and Miller’s back is…”

“Fucking incredible. I love his back.”

Miller rolled his shoulder blades and his muscles rippled under his mop of still wet brown hair.

“Hell yeah, baby,” said Anita.

“Do that again,” said Tabitha, stroking the wetness between her lips.

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