Erotica Stories - Erotcia Old Man

Erotcia Old Man

In Erotcia Old Man, I had fun with the ‘Fuck this job. I’m out.’ theme. I’ve been in the shoes of the protagonist, needing a fresh start and more importantly new people in my life, so this one hits close to home.

Have you ever felt that way? What did you do? Let me know in the comments below.


Fed up with her 9-5, Callie decides to take a little ‘trip’ in the desert.

An impromptu meeting with a Native American gives her some comfort when things turn bad.

Can Callie find the way through her dark night of the soul alone, or will the helping hand of a stranger be required to shed light on her path? Find out in Erotcia Old Man on Amazon. Read the book for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Erotcia Old Man

“And then he said if I wanted to move up, I would have to do him a favor,” said Callie.

“Oh, really. What kind of favor?” said Riley.

“He reached down and grabbed his cock. Fat bastard!”

“I hope you told him to fuck off.”

“Damn right, I did.”Erotica Stories - Erotcia Old Man

“And Kelsey got the promotion.”

“What do you think?”

“I think she sucks good dick.”

“You’d be right, I assume. She’s been in his office for some extra long meetings the last couple of weeks and every time she leaves, she’s adjusting her top, or bottom, or both.” 

“Inconspicuously looking conspicuous.”



“She got what she wanted. She loves that new Prada bag she’s sporting.”

“That won’t keep her spirit clean though.”

“And that leaves her barely enough left over to buy anything to put inside… which is about as perfect a metaphor as I can think of.”



“Whatcha gonna do?”

“I’m moving on.”

“Wait a sec! That was a rhetorical question.”

“I’m sick of it, Riley.”

“Who isn’t, Cal?”

“I don’t know, but everyone else is complacent about it. Everyone else is just happy with taking it up the ass.”

“I wish someone would give it to me up the ass every once in a while.”

“I’ll take it anywhere at this point, but we’re working our asses off here. We barely have a social life and if we do, it’s with the people from this soul sucking job. Who doesn’t get the fact that I see these people close to 10 hours a day and the last thing I want to do is see them after I leave?”

“Yeah, but they are ‘team building’ experiences,” said Riley with a gag.

“Fuck the team and fuck everyone else. It’s about time I started looking after myself. They build this culture and ask you to subscribe to it then they feed you little morsels here and there and bring you in even further until you realize that the life you had is gone, and it’s all theirs now.”

“What are you proposing?”

“I’m ready for a change.”

“Any details?”

“I’m a good designer.” 

“Damn good.”

“I could go out on my own.”

“That’s risky, though.”

“Riskier than?”

“A steady paycheck.”

“Yeah, but what’s that worth if I’m miserable all the time.”

“It’s worth a roof over your head, money in the bank, food in your refrigerator. Need I go on?”

“And you don’t think I can’t get that on my own?”

“A lot of people go down that path and fail.”

“Well, I’m at the point I’d rather fail at something than keep succeeding at mediocrity.”

“You just need a vacation.”

“I need a lot more than a vacation, Riley.”

“How about starting with one? What about a different kind of trip?”

“Road trip?”

“Wow. You are rusty. Not that kind of trip. I mean a psychedelic trip.

“Everybody’s doing these ayahuasca trips nowadays, heading down to Central and South America to ‘find themselves’ on that Amazon rainforest brew that’s supposed to lead to epiphanies and shit like that.”

“I only have three days’ vacation. Going and coming would knock out two full days. That’s not even worth it. And the last thing I want to do is to be around more wanna be wanna be’s jumping on the latest craze just to say they did so.”

“The desert’s an hour away.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“I got a friend that can get you some mushrooms. Remember our trippy days in school getting all Grateful Dead taking bong hits between summer school classes.”

“Those were the days.”

“You need a bag of mushrooms and a few days in the desert.”

“I’ve never done them alone.”

“You’ve done them enough times with me to know what to expect.”

“You ever eat them alone?”

“Once. It was very therapeutic. Ryan and I were having a tough time. I took a few days off and went to my parent’s place in the mountains.”


“I meditated while I was on them. Took some walks around the cabin. Had some good personal insights on things I needed to change, and I came back.”


“I’m married aren’t I?” said Riley flashing her ring. “I would have walked had I not taken that trip. It helped me see things in a different light.”

“You know where to get them?”

“Give me a day or two and I’ll sort you out. If I can’t, my younger sis is in her junior year at State. She’s quite the party girl. Got Ryan some pretty killer weed for his knee pain a few months back.”


“Go ahead and plan your trip. The weekend’s coming.”


“Have I let you down before?”

Erotica Adventure or Erotica Romance?

What’s your flavor du jour?

I enjoyed playing with Erotcia Old Man. It was my first short adventure and I really enjoyed it. I’m working on another one for my next season, called Erotica Group Sex. Think Fantasy Island. White sandy beaches. Crystal clear blue water. Does that interest you?

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