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Erotcia Office is probably my favorite book from my first season. This erotica story has it all: attitude, redemption, HEA, bangin’ sex scenes, and witty dialogue. I love the character growth in Erotcia Office more than any of the first books I’ve published. I know the first season of erotica books is short, and that cuts down on a lot of the development, both with plot and characters, but I managed to pack it all into this one tight package.

I hope you give Erotcia Office a taste. You’ll be happy you did.

Here’s a little synopsis:

Niki’s new boss thinks he’s right about…EVERYTHING!

First, he calls her out on her work. Then, he lets her know her choice of lipstick isn’t working. 

When he busts her butt for her choice of a dress, she’s all but ready to walk out and tell him where to stick all his “observations,” but the fact of the matter is he is right…about EVERYTHING!

What’s the trick to his success? He makes it seem so easy

If she’ll lighten up and submit to his mentorship, she might learn a thing or three.

You can start reading Erotcia Office on Kindle Unlimited today. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you in the form of a review on Amazon. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can email me and tell me personally. I’d love to hear what you think of my erotica stories!

Erotcia Office

“Looks like we’re all here,” said the president of the company. “Niki, you want to put that phone away?” 

“No problem,” she said as she sneered at him

“I’d like to welcome the new head of the marketing department. Your department, by the way.”

“He’s helped raise three different companies from fledgling  nobodies to multimillion dollar brands in less than two years each, and he’s here to help do the same for ours. Without further adieu, let’s welcome our new marketing chief and your boss, Mr. Tyler Berman.”

Tyler stepped up from behind the mammoth creatures that run the joint. Anytime you’re in management, you’re expected to tip the scales 250 plus. Tyler was 200 at the most, but not an ounce of it jiggled.

Anyway, he stepped up like a baseball player to the plate. His confidence unshakable. His eyes steely black. He had charming features, but he hid them behind a dead serious look.

My phone buzzed. I slid it off the table with a few shitty looks from the peanut gallery. One from Tyler. That look told me strike one. 

Fuck off with your strikes, you jock. Please fire me. I’ve had it with this shit hole, anyway.

I turned the phone over in my lap.  

Message from li’ sis. 

She’s in her first-year in at State, so she’s always got some collegiate drama going on.

I slid my hand across the screen. 

“Dean keeps trying to cum in my mouth.”

I snorted,  flipped my phone over, and shot my head up, ignoring all the shitty looks I had gotten, AGAIN!

Tyler bore me down like a tiger locked on its prey. “See me after the meeting, Miss…”



Erotica Stories - Erotcia Office


“Your last name is Niki?”

“No, my last name is Brewer.”

“Miss Brewer.”


“Give me your phone.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your phone. That’s twice. Apparently you’re not capable of turning it off yourself.”

“I can…”

Everybody in the office planted their beady little eyes on me.

“Your phone…Miss Brewer.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at Cyndy. She nodded her head furiously, so I slid the phone across the table.

Tyler flipped it over and saw the message screen and gritted his teeth. Then he went to the settings and turned the volume off.

“Here you go,” he said, sliding the phone back to me.  “Your sister can wait until after the meeting.”


His suit looked like something out of a men’s magazine. Nothing over the top, but it demanded the same respect that he did with his domineering physique. He wore his hair rustled. It was the only disheveled or disorderly thing about him. Sideburns came to the bottom of his ears. Everything about him was trim. He sported a shadow, but it looked like he shaved it down that low with an electric razor. Very matter-of-factly.

His cufflinks, yeah, he had them, had footballs on them. The sparkle in the office death light told me those were not cubic zirconia.

When he went over to the board behind him and picked up a marker,  he took his jacket off and slid it over the chair off to the side. He filled every bit of his white shirt.  His barrel chest tapered down to a waist that was embarrassingly small ( for me), then his pants jutted back out in both directions as they themselves tapered again at the leg. 

He had an ass that looked like a punching bag. That zipper on the front of his pants was taut. The slightest bit of give on that thing and no doubt, the lizard king would come barreling out ready to snap the cherry off any tree in the boardroom that day. 

I guarantee he’d pound a pussy like a lumberjack. He looked powerful, controlling, and calculating. 

Fuck Tyler, I thought as he went around the room checking that everyone followed along with the third chart he threw on the board

He knew the numbers better than the accountant did, and nerdy little Hettie looked like she was about to cum all over herself because of it. The way she bit her pencil, fluttered her eyelids. Little slut. She was a little too much for Tyler. Too much woman, that is. 

Tyler Berman didn’t settle for women like Hettie. Whoever he settled for probably had legs to her chin, a set of tits to match and the degree in some kind of obscure engineering field. This guy was alpha. I think the higher ups may have shaved his mane before he walked in the door today. He practically growled when he talked.

Tyler kept the meeting relatively short. “I know you already have projects going on. I’ll be meeting with the heads of each team today, and we’ll be talking strategy as I get my hands dirty.”

He clapped his hands together, and everyone jumped. I imagine he expected that reaction.

“Let’s get moving,” he said as he nodded to the president. Tyler let everyone know that he was in control of this department and the president could get back upstairs and sign more checks.

He swung around and grabbed his coat off the chair. I slipped out with Cyndy shielding me, but he spun as she slid his arm in the jacket and called me out.

“Miss Brewer. Come with me.”

I let go of Cyndy, and she looked at me like she was jealous.

OMG, she mouthed.

I stood back, and he nodded to the door as the others filed out. 

“Up there on the left. Ladies first.”

I felt him scan me as I walked by. Every little wrinkle in my blouse probably screamed at him, like a broken Excel sheet.

I shook my head on the way to his office.

“Go on in,” he said behind me. 

The door clicked shut behind me.

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