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Erotcia Doctors

Erotcia Doctors and Cowboy were two of the first books I wrote. Erotcia Doctors has considerably more plot to it than Cowboy, but did Erotcia Cowboy need any? The people reading my ARCs told me “not”.

Of the stories in my first season, about half had a romantic element. Erotcia Doctors is one of them. Luke and Rayna have immediate physical chemistry. Some guys might be quick to brush it off as a powerful one-nighter, but not Luke. He’s ready to take this girl around all the bases, even when some of the events from the night before rear their ugly head. Some guys might judge and get the hell out of Dodge.

Is Luke one of those?

Get a sneak peek below, or if you’re ready to stop playing games and reserve yourself a seat at the big kids’ table, head over to Amazon and get your copy of this leg-parting story now.

Erotcia Doctors Synopsis:

Open Wide

Rayna’s got life by the balls with a full scholarship to Princeton and the looks to match. A night out with old friends wasn’t meant to get so crazy. Now, her one night of partying might end up costing her everything.

When a surprise notice for a drug test pops up with a non-negotiable date and time, she’s left scrambling for ways to get a grip back on the life she’s worked so hard at crafting.

What is she willing to do to pass her test and get her life back on track? Will she take the doctor’s orders, and does he have the right prescription for her?

Erotcia Doctors is intended for adults 18 and up.

Erotcia Doctors


You just blew that guy off?  Are you serious?” said Sue.

“I wanted to spend the rest of the night with my girls,” said Rayna.

“I’m sorry honey, but if that guy came up to me and asked me to go home with him, I’d tell you girls to fuck right the fuck off,” said Sue.

“Are you kidding me?”


Rayna looked around the table. Francie and Janine nodded their heads and clinked their glasses.

“Well said, girl,” said Janine.

“I’ve been wanting to get in his pants, or more appropriately get him out of them since we got here,” said Francie

“He’s been with his buddies the whole time, and the only person he dares talk to outside of his little group is little ole you, and you blow him off. I got a mind to slap you silly, girl,” said Sue.

Janine spit some of her drink back in her glass. “I wouldn’t go as far as slapping, but that’s grade A USDA Prime Beef right there. Look at the size of the bulge in those pants. I can only imagine the size of the tool under that shed.”

“Thank you! I talk to your sorry asses every day. I know the date of your last period and all your other bullshit. I don’t know shit about that guy except he’s got a rockin’ body, and unless he wears a cup out, he’s seriously packing,” said Sue.

“You don’t mind?” asked Rayna.

Sue smacked her forehead. “And this one is the soon to be Dr. of the group. You spend too much time in books, Ray. That will only get you so far in life.”

Rayna bowed her head in shame. “I just…”

Sue nudged her in the arm. “This is the wrong time to be feeling sorry for yourself and the right time to head over there.”

Rayna lifted her head and caught the guy checking her out again.

“Here goes nothing,” said Rayna as she sauntered up to the bar and nudged the guy.

He lit up like a Christmas tree when she showed up.

The girls at the table high-fived each other. Erotica Stories - Erotcia Doctors

“Go get’em, bitch!” yelled Sue.

“She could have any one of them she wants any place we go,” said Janine

“She’d rather have the books,” said Francie.

“Yeah, and that Ivy League school of hers,” said Janine.

The girls watched Rayna fumbling with the guy at the bar. 

“Emergency action required, women,” said Sue. 

“Maybe we should tie him down and scribble some Ph.D. shit on his face for her to read,” said Francie.

“I got a better idea,” said Sue as she stood up and pulled a twist-tied plastic baggie out of her purse. She shook it in front of the girls. “This will get her talking.”

“Ooh, I want some, too,” said Janine. 

“Come on, let’s run to the bathroom,” said Francie.

The three of them grabbed their drinks and headed up to the bar.

“Excuse me, handsome while I take this little lady away from you for a few minutes. We’ll be right back, I promise,” said Sue.

And with that, Sue smacked the guy on his ass. As she turned back to the girls, Sue’s O-face said it all. “Oh my god, that ass is a mound of fucking goodness.” 

“I just started talking to him,” said Rayna as they pushed her to the bathroom.

“No, you didn’t. You were dribbling over yourself. Come on. You have no idea how to talk to a guy like that,” said Sue.


“Don’t worry. We’re gonna help you with that,” said Janine.

“You got some pointers for me,” said Rayna.

“I got something that will help…stimulate…your vocabulary. Help wedge that fat cock in between those tight ass lips of yours. You need something other than a book between your legs for one night and if we leave it up to you, that ain’t gonna happen,” said Sue.

Sue knew more about guys than Rayna knew about Chemistry, which was saying a lot since Rayna was in the graduate program at Princeton on her way to a specialty in Chemical Bioengineering.

“Get your ass in there,” said Sue. 

Professional Courtesy

Long hours. High stress. Ridiculous student dept. Would you rather read about them in stories like Erotcia Doctors, or do you think you have what it takes to live that kind of lifestyle?

Let me hear in the comments below if you’d be up for a night with a doctor or if you’d be willing to go the distance with one.

Luckily, if that’s not your thing, you can just read about the erotic encounters here. You can also visit, Amazon, and pick up a copy today.

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