Erotica Stories- Erotcia Cowboy

Erotcia Cowboy

I’d like to introduce you to Calem and Ferra, the stars of Erotcia Cowboy. I’ve been saving some of the best for last.  There are two more books in the first season after this one. Erotcia Doctors is the last one and then my first anthology, Erotcia Writing.

Erotcia Cowboy was the first erotica story I ever penned. When I decided to dive into this genre, I knew I wanted to go blazing hot right from the get-go, and keep the throttle as close to red-lined for the entire story. That’s why a lot of readers love the Erotcia series. I don’t play, and neither do these two hotties in Erotcia Cowboy.

If you like a sexy short read with mad chemistry and ass smacking sex scenes, get it on Amazon today.

Erotcia Cowboy synopsis:

Ride ’em Cowboy

Ferra’s a hot southern girl with all the right pieces in all the right places. She’s young enough to think the world is hers.

A run-in with a Texas cowboy and his favorite calf puts a halt on her plans, but takes her down a road she’s more than willing to travel.

Saddle up for this western tale of lust, a bridle, and a man who knows how to handle his woman. Because after Ferra runs into Calem she’s ready to be bucked, branded, and taken to the stable for debauchery galore.

Now, here’s a little taste. I can’t give you too much on this one, cause it’s a short read. I think the total page count is like 23, but I’m not sure if most people could handle any more.

To tell you the truth, unless you have a Kindle Unlimited account, I’d hold out from buying this until my first anthology comes out. The collection, Erotcia Writing, will have all of the first 11 stories I’ve published, plus two more that weren’t Amazon approved to be published separately. If you’ve visited the website, you probably know which ones I’m talking about: Mother and Son, and Stepdaddy. That’s why I snuck them in the collection.  So naughty of me. I know 😉

Erotcia Cowboy

Ferra laid back on the bed with her back arched. The balls of her feet dug into the bed. He slid a pillow under her ass at the same time he licked her from ass to clit. Her legs shuddered, and her ass dropped like a rock.

Her round chocolate rump settled into the feathered pillow, and she let out a contented moan when he flicked his tongue over her exposed clit.

Ferra wrapped her legs tight against his head. His five o’clock shadow grazed the inside of her thighs. Electric jolts shot up through her hips, swirled back down into her stomach and around her belly button into the crevice where he had slipped his big sausage of a tongue once more. 

Oh, my fucking god, she thought.Erotica Stories- Erotcia Cowboy

He stood up. His dark body towered over hers. A rag of a shirt hung from his left shoulder. The buttons scattered on the floor from her trying to get that stupid thing off of him as fast as she fucking could. 

His belt, already undone, hung through three of the loops on the left side. 

She had barely managed to get the button of his pants popped out before he scooped her up in one arm and planted her on the bed. 

She wrapped her legs around the top of his waist like an anaconda, but this man had no problem getting her to bend to her will. That’s when he had ravished her with his tongue until she begged him to slide his cock inside of her dripping wet cunt.

As he slid the zipper down, his field of dreams unfurled in front of her. He groomed himself enough to let her know he took care of his property. 

Derek had been the picture of perfection since she saw him in his big-screen debut ten years before while she was still in high school. She always knew she was going to make it to Hollywood and make him hers. He was now. She owned him, as much as a woman can own a massive man like him.

He grabbed the belt buckle and ripped it out of the belt loops. Took up the loose end and cracked the leather. The glare from the belt buckle caused her to throw her hands over her head.

The jolt tightened the seat belt around her chest and nearly snapped her collarbone. The airbag popped and smacked her in the head as the seat belt caught her and nearly threw her tongue on the dashboard.

“What the fuck?” yelled Ferra, as she slammed her hands on the steering wheel. “What the fuck!”

Ferra waved a cloud of dust out of her face. She coughed hysterically, then slumped over in her seat.

A hand reached into the driver’s side door, fumbled with the lock, and popped the door open. The sound of the door creaking open shook her awake.

Get Your Lasso Out!!

If you just can’t wait to find out what happens, then head over to Amazon and buy this story today. I don’t blame you. In fact, I’d like to thank you!

Calem and Ferra have a wild ride together. Have you ever had a relationship that started with a bang, and kept going. I’m actually one of the lucky ones. Let me know in the comments if you hit it off right out of the gates with your Mr. or Mrs.

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