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Ask and The Universe Always Answers

Another night out with the girls proves to Allison that she’ll forever be a virgin. Too many stories from her girlfriends about how much attention they’re getting from their boyfriends, where they’re getting it, plus the fact that she’s not getting any is driving her crazy.

Defeated and hopelessly lost in terms of relationships and sex, Allison hops on her scooter and rides back through her quiet town. 

Nothing interesting ever happens in French Wayne county, and it certainly doesn’t happen to Allison… until one fateful night when she’s “picked up” by an other-worldly traveler.

Hitchhikers always have good stories to bring home, but Allison never imagined she’d be one of them. 

Erotcia Alien Romance

“Shit! I’m always first,” said Lana.

“You always draw the lowest number,” said Allison.

“Stop stalling. Let’s hear it,” said Jessica.

“Everything?” moaned Lana.

“Every smutty detail, Lana. You’re the biggest whore here. Don’t hold out. We learn more from you than from those dirty books that Allison always tries to pawn off on us,” said Sarah.

Lana shrugged her shoulders and sipped her tea through a straw. 

“So, after we left you guys, we stopped by his dad’s farm. He put the top down, then hopped in the back seat. 

“That’s it?” I said. “Just like that?”

“What? You want to talk more? That’s all you and your friends have done for the last two hours. I was hoping for some relief,” he said.

“What kind of relief?” 

“We’ve been together for six months now, Lana. I think we can skip the small talk.”

I slid off my top and hopped in the back.

“No bra tonight? Hell yeah, baby!”

“I’m just as horny as you are, Tony.”

“It’s all yours, baby. Come to pappa.”

I straddled him and rubbed the crotch of his jeans while I licked his lips with little teasing flicks. He tried to meet my tongue with his, but I grabbed him by the chin and forced his head up. 

“I’m driving this rig, boy.”

My short skirt slid up my legs and hugged my ass. Tony slid his hands between the black leather and my hips, then he gave it a good push over that plump ass of mine. The skirt almost recoiled like his 12-gauge shotgun up to my waist.

“‘Damn, that’s a fine ass, girl,” he said.

I bent down and nipped my teeth at his nose.

“You’re making me wet already, Lana,” said Sarah.

Lana gave her a devilish grin and continued.

I pulled up his shirt and rubbed on his washboard abs while he ran his farm boy hands up my sides. My tight skin hugged my rib cage. His callous claws manhandled my perky little tits.

Tony squeezed each mound then popped the nipple of each one between his index finger and his thumb. 

Damn, that sent me reeling.

He pulled my flesh down to his mouth and flicked his tongue over each nip. He’d flick a couple of times, wait, then shove it in his mouth and suck on it like it was his lifeline. I bucked up and down on his crotch. His cock was banging against his jeans like a caged animal banging its head for freedom.

I threw my head back and swished my long blonde hair back and forth over my shoulders while Tony sucked hard on each of my tits. Each time my hair flicked over my bare shoulders, another wave of goosebumps popped out over my body. 

He had the top down and every star in the sky looked like it was winking at us.

Tony knew exactly what I was feeling and sucked a nipple each time my hair hit my shoulders. That alone almost made me slosh all over his jeans. I was so fucking horny, I grabbed his cock through his jeans and pulled on it like a fucking stick shift. 

He let out a moan halfway between pain and pleasure, then grabbed my face and sucked my tongue into his mouth. It felt like I was fucking his mouth with my tongue before it got painful. The pain in my tongue lasted long enough to hurt, then he twisted both my nipples at the same time and let my tongue slide out of his mouth. That nipple twist almost sent me to La La land all over again. 

I rubbed my clit up and down on my own forearms while I handled his package. I was so wet, my juices were flowing down my wrist onto his pants.

He picked me up with both hands, then slid his right palm just under my rib cage and held me in the air while he used his left hand to slide his jeans off. He dropped me back down, and I slid down his chest and he slid right into me.

“Holy, shit!” said Jessica. “I’m gonna start rubbing myself right here.”

He came right then and there and so did I. After that, I lay on his shoulder just pumping up and down on his cock. He stayed inside me semi-hard for a few minutes. We kept rocking together until I had him worked up again.

He worked his hands up and down my sides and around my back. Every other buck back and forth that I handed him, he’d pull me closer and rub my belly against his. He got close to cumming again but then pulled out, picked me up and plopped me down on the seat beside him. I could see he was straining his ass cheeks to keep from cumming again, so I dove on his cock and swallowed it whole. It took about two pumps of his hips before I had a load the size of that latte foam you’re guzzling right now down my throat. I finished him off while I got a few flicks of my clit to get myself gushing all over my hands again.

After that, I laid in his lap looking up at the stars. Hell fell asleep, and I woke him up so he could get home and be ready for the farm in the morning.

“Hot DAMN!” said Jessica.

“Satisfy you?” said Lana

“Hell, yeah,” said Jessica.

Sarah and Allison sat there with disgust and jealousy smeared all over their faces.

“Alright, Allison. You’re next,” said Sarah.

“Really? You guys really think I’m gonna measure up to that?”

“Yeah, we do. As much as you read…?”

“We know you didn’t get any last night, Allison. Fill us in with what’s going on with your latest steamy romance book,” said Jessica.

“I’m not reading any right now.”

Lana reached down and snatched Allison’s bag and with one swipe pulled out two paperback novels that looked like they had been through the washing machine.

“So how many times have you read this one? You ought to be able to recite them word for word by now.”

“Those are two that I was doing some research on.”

“Research? For what? How to get off?” smirked Sarah.

Sarah kicked off her shoe, threw her foot on the table and pulled her skirt up exposing some purple lacy underwear.

“What the hell are you doing?” said Jessica. 

Sarah started rubbing her mound furiously. “That’s about as much research as you need right there, girl.”

Lana slapped the table laughing. 

Jessica swiped Sarah’s foot off the table. “You’ve lost your mind.”

“Talk of the town at church Sunday,” said Sarah.

Allison stared at the bright star-filled sky above the cafe patio, looking for hope, looking for something to give her some relief from the onslaught of jokes her friends laid down on her.

One of the big stars got her attention, then fulfilled her request as it twinkled in the pitch-black sky.

Allison snatched her bag from Lana’s hand and stormed across the porch and out a little gate. 

Lana tried to follow her, but Allison gave her a stiff arm that sent her reeling, then slammed the gate behind her.


Allison walked up the front walk of the cafe toward the bike racks on the other side. 

This was usually about the time they’d be making fun of her for getting on her scooter, but she left the torment behind for the evening.

She plopped on her sparkly helmet, saddled up, and drove off with her body embracing the cool summer evening as she rode down the small-town streets of French Wayne County. 

Living in a small town had its drawbacks, but Allison had taken inventory time and time again, and the pluses always outweighed the minuses.

She brushed her brown hair back over her ears and adjusted her glasses. Looking back up at the sky, she caught another twinkle of that big star, then a quick flash of light zipped across the sky.

She closed her eyes and wished. “Give me some interesting things in my life, please. And can you attach a nice-sized penis to that interesting thing, please?”

Allison took a left on the long country road that ran past Tony’s farm. Tall pines lined the left side of the road, part of the papermaking company’s land at the far end of town.

Tony’s father owned the farm to the right. How many acres it was was anybody’s guess, but Tony’s father. He probably knew the number down to the square inch. That man could do long division and multiplication of four numbers each in his head faster than most people could add single digits.

The summer breeze lifted her skirt and flitted through a light, white sweater. The v-neck exposed her creamy white chest, and the white shirt she had worn under it which had a drop of coffee from Sarah’s foot-on-the-table-clit-rub.

Allison let out a little giggle, thinking back at those purple underpants and the little black pubes poking out from the sides. 

What a crazy bitch.

A text came through on her phone.

Lana: Text me when you get home, nerd. Love ya!

Allison pulled over and texted back: Whatever… 

…and took back off into the night. 

She lived on the opposite end of Tony’s father’s farm. She had a two-bedroom, old house that her great-grandmother had left her. It was a little more than a shack when she moved in, but Lana, Jessica, and Sarah had pitched in some time over the course of a summer and made it into a beautiful little home. It was quiet as hell, and Allison loved hanging out there especially in the spring and fall while she read her books on the porch.

On cool nights, she’d take a blanket out there and rub herself when she got to the sexy parts. She once yelled so hard cumming during a Roman gladiator romance that a dog had howled back at her from somewhere in the distance.

Another flash in the sky caught her attention. She looked up and marveled at the dotted sky. 

A bug flew down her throat. She coughed several times and slowed down as she threw her left hand over her mouth, hoping to catch the little perpetrator and squeeze the eyeballs out of its head for violating her throat.

One moment she was hacking into her hand, the next minute a pair of headlights blinded her from the opposite lane.

Or was she going straight at them? 

It didn’t matter. 

She had enough time to realize that she was in trouble, but not enough time to do anything about it.

She gasped and sucked the bug the rest of the way down.

The front steering column of the scooter slammed against the car, and Allison over the hood of the car.

Before the steering column had time to crumple from the impact, the entire scene froze. 

The flash of light got brighter and brighter until Allison found herself lit up like a Christmas tree, like she was on display in the front window of Sheebly’s Department Store decked out in the 10-years-too-late fashion they had for the small town folks of French Wayne.

She threw her hands in front of her eyes and squinched her face muscles expecting to face plant right through the front windshield of the car.

One second.



Why am I not eating glass right now?

She peaked through the cracks of her fingers. Nothing moved except Allison’s chest.

She waved her hand in front of her to get the attention of the driver. The light from above distorted her vision. 


She kicked and screamed at the car below 


Her eyes acclimated to the light. The first thing she saw was the shaft of a rather large dick extending out of unzipped pants through the steering wheel of the red converti…..

“Tony?” she said. “Tony, you son of a bitch!”

Tony’s perma-grin gave no hint of acknowledgement. And Tony wasn’t alone. He was with…

Who’s he with? 

Whoever it was had their face hidden between her and the steering wheel and Tony’s fat cock halfway down her windpipe.

Allison eyed the girl from head to waist and finally put it together. 

Fucking, Tina!

Lana’s workmate at the accounting firm. She had been trying to pry Tony away from Lana for ages.

Someone needs to pry her away from him now. That bitch is gonna kill us all.

Allison waved her arms and hands back and forth trying to get their attention, but that stupid grin and that stupid face didn’t budge. Tony looked like the figure from a wax museum.

A slight tug and she started moving over the convertible. She moved higher over the road and started rising into the air with nothing but a white cleansing light surrounding her. 

She turned herself around in the air and looked back down at the scene below. 

A large part of her expected her body to still be there, getting plowed by Tony’s convertible, while that asshole got his knob slobbed.

There was nothing there to show that she had been there except her scooter, which was in the same compromising position as before, frozen in time about to get flipped into the air and sent careening across the road into the bushes. 

Either way, Allison shook her head, knowing that she would have a banged up and useless scooter when this was all over. 

A normal person might shit their pants, but Allison was an analytical girl, and she noted everything going on. 

Even the bugs around the car froze in place. A bat about the size of her palm flared its wings and had its mouth wide open ready to strike a beetle that cruised through the night air. Allison reached out and moved the little bug a few inches to the right as she passed by. Knowing that the bat would come up empty-handed helped give her some peace of mind that of all the things that just occurred, she just saved another life.

Allison looked up as she cruised at a 45-degree angle. The further up she moved, the faster she traveled.

Finally, she made out a shape in the distance. A huge silvery disc, the size of an average-sized city skyscraper, hummed in the sky. A large open doorway the size of two Tony’s red convertible Corvette’s beckoned her from the center of the rounded monstrosity. 

Why didn’t they nab those two?

They’re engaged in some interesting mating rituals. A lot more to look at than nerdy me and my scooter.

She shot faster and faster toward the shape. The surrounding air cooled as she rose. The crisp air cut through her weaved sweater until her nipples generously protruded through the top.

She finally came to an abrupt halt just outside the door. 

Allison looked down. 

She hovered over one of Tony’s dad’s fields at about a thousand feet.

She could see the large farmhouse in the middle of the property. The house was the size of a city block. Three floors with sprawling porches on every side.

Reddish-brown dirt covered a few of the fields just below.. The others glowed in the white light, large swathes of green stripped the fields in nice tight rows.

Allison shuddered for a minute and thought she was gonna fall when a figure came out from the left of the open bay window. A woman stood there waving her hand at Allison, begging her into the enclosure like a person might do to a stray dog they wanted to feed.

Damn, that’s hot, thought Allison as she scanned the woman in her ankle to neck black Spanx-style getup.

A vague semblance of a smirk escaped the right corner of the woman’s mouth.

Did I say that out loud? 

The woman stared.

Then looked down. 

Allison followed her gaze. 

A thin device sat on her wrist. She swiped her pale green index finger several directions on the device like she was writing a few characters. As soon as she did, Tony’s car resumed its speed, and the scene exploded. 

Or maybe it was the silence of the last couple of minutes. That absence of sound and movement caused the re-emergence of energy to fill the sky.

When things finally got going again, shit hit the fan, and Allison’s scooter hit Tony’s convertible. 

She heard him scream from above.

“My Car!”

Materialistic prick. I can’t wait to tell Lana.

The woman in the black tight uniform moved out further on the bay door window. Her skin was a very pale green, almost like she was sick but more on the pastel side. Although that was a color that Allison had associated with being sick, it appealed to her.

The woman had long, powerful legs. Her thighs might squeeze a man to death if he dared cum first. She had a solid trunk on her that made it look like she was a relative of a professional athlete, but with all the strength that she possessed, there was a very feminine nature about her that made Allison feel calm and collected.

Allison reached out with her other hand and kicked with her feet. Then the large hand of the woman reached out and clamped down on her forearm. When she latched on, Allison realized the woman would not be playing nice. 

The woman turned Allison around and grabbed her other arm as she spun. Allison stood straight up. Her feet touched the edge of the platform.The pale green woman stood behind her holding Allison’s wrists crossed over her chest. The top of Allison’s shoulders nestled against the woman’s perky nips. At 5’6” Allison thought she was an average height young woman. Maybe Miss Green was average for her kind. 

Either way, She’s a big bitch.

The light that reeled Allison in switched off with a loud pop. 

The green woman put some space between the two of them, but still held Allison’s arms tight. A chair materialized from the floor. The back of the chair slid between Allison and the green woman. 

Allison’s captor moved her arms out to the side, then firmly pressed them into the white padded armrests. A white segmented bar extended from the outside of each wrist, about six inches straight into the air. As soon as Allison’s forearms hit the armrest, the bars collapsed to the inside and fastened into a hole in the other side.

“Full search and cleaning” declared the woman.

The woman walked to the side of the chair and as she did, a clear bubble encapsulated the chair. 

“Wait! What’s….” Allison gasped to speak, but the bubble sealed her in before she got out the rest.

She struggled with her wrists, but with each twist and turn of her arm, the straps tightened a little more. The straps cushioned her arms fairly comfortably, so they didn’t hurt, but she thought they might eventually if she kept squiggling around.

Full search and cleaning. That sounds invasive.

The woman stood beside Allison and the chair and nodded her head. As she did, a male walked around behind her. He nodded at Allison and the woman said something back to him. Allison couldn’t hear anything going on outside. A whooshing sound reverberated through the bubble and Allison’s clothes evaporated in front of her eyes.

As soon as she knew it, she sat exposed to the world with nothing but her big red-rimmed glasses perched on her nose. She shook her head, and her brown hair went flying all over the enclosure. She hadn’t groomed herself in ages, and her bush was nice and bulbous. The man walked over in front of her and put both of his hands down in a calming motion.

And what is that exactly going to accomplish, she thought as the man stared at her nakedness.

Allison kicked at the man in front of her. The bubble wall absorbed her energy, then held her foot mid air. She repeated with her left foot and now found herself stretched out, her feet caught in the bubble. Two contraptions similar to the ones holding her arms against the armrest popped out from somewhere beneath her, circled her legs, then carried them back toward the floor.

A vacuum-like sound swirled about the enclosure. 

As she moved and squirmed, two quarter-sized impressions worked their way around her head. They started on top of her scalp, zig-zagging all over her head, then one moved to her forehead and the other behind her. At that time, another two impressions emerged out of nowhere. One on either side of her. Each one worked its way meticulously down her body. 

The man in front of her waved his hands again pushing them down apparently trying to calm Allison. 

Easy for you to say, green bean. You get to stare so innocently at my snatch. What do I get in return for your free show?

The man continued to watch.

He turned his head side to side following the dimples the vacuum sucking machines made on her body. The man wore the same black Spanx-style suit that the woman wore. Green inlays highlighted the curves beneath the suit. The green expanded as the muscles and tissues underneath contracted or extended.

Allison followed his gaze all over his body until hers matched his on his own body. Her frustration and anxiety had taken her away from the gorgeous specimen standing in front of her. He towered above her in a column of chiseled beauty. His silver hair swept across the sides of his head. A simple black tie kept it out of his face at the nape of his neck. His shoulders bulged like two boulders on top of his head. A wide chest swelled with each breath. The pecs looked like something she could fall asleep on.

The suit tapered heavily at the waist and ballooned again around his bulbous ass and thighs. A two by four over that ass and he’d just stare at you.

The woman beside him barked something, and he moved his hands in front of his expanding package.

“Where the hell is it, Gyn?” asked Frey.

The man shrugged his shoulders. “Let the searchers do their job, Captain Frey. That’s all I can say at the moment. It’s obviously not on her person.”

“Obviously not, or your prying eyes would have found it already.”

“Intrigued,” said Gyn.

“Or lust, you horny Cashmian!”

Gyn ignored the comment. “There’s got to be an implant.”

“If there is, the surface sweepers will find it. If not, we must dig deeper.”


“Don’t worry, Gyn. Your precious little specimen will make the first round of inspection. Maybe enough will be left of her after the second sweep for you to have a more…in depth look.”

“Search everything,” said Captain Frey. “Take her to the examination room. We’re headed back to the exosphere. There’s no need for us to be this low anymore. We have what we need.”

“Aye, Captain.” Gyn swept his finger on his wrist pad. He walked down a white corridor. Allison’s bubble pod followed closely behind.

Allison glared at Gyn’s rear until a bright white light emerged from the wall on the left-hand side. Gyn walked through a space that materialized in the wall. Allison’s pod followed, then came to an abrupt halt in the middle of the room. 

Blinding lights from the ceiling raped her eyes. Gyn walked over, tapped a few times on the exterior of the pod. A dark tint enveloped her, shielding her eyes. Gyn tapped a few more times on the pod. Several panels opened on the wall, revealing large blue screens. The screens blinked, then came alive with images of Alison’s body from every angle conceivable inside and out.

The chair reclined and a new extension formed that cradled her head in a soft pillow. The four circular blowers kept exploring her head, then they moved down to her neck. It felt like they were blowing dirt off her in very small portions. The streams of air were barely enough to make an impression on her skin. They felt erotic. They felt divine.

Each of the blowers moved down from her head, and onto her neck, chest, and upper back. Allison squirmed, but then remembered the leg straps that had emerged the last time she did so and immediately stopped. 

She looked down her torso at the man staring at hers. She gritted her teeth, put her head back on the headrest and left the machines to their work.

She began taking slow deep breaths to calm herself down. 

As she relaxed, Lana’s cafe story popped in her head. She imagined Tony between her legs. Then she remembered that the asshole had almost killed her and if it wasn’t for these green freaks she’d be dead, but if it also wasn’t for these green freaks severe crevice violation might not be going down right now, either. 

Can I get a break?

“This is your break,” came a soft voice.

Gyn had his back to her. His head bowed toward some input devices that had popped out from the wall under the monitors.

“You can hear me! I want to go home.”

“It’d be better for you if you didn’t think about that right now.”

“You’re not going to let me go?”

“You’re home is a little way beneath us at the moment. You’re not there. You’re here. Don’t think that far ahead.”

“But you’re saying there’s a future where I’m there again, right?”

“Don’t concern yourself with something you can’t control right now.”

“I can’t control anything right now, asshole!” yelled Allison.

“You can control that temper. Work on controlling that which you can.”

Gyn’s back muscles flinched and flexed as he looked over the scans and typed in different commands.

Two more straps came out of the chair and seized the tops of her thighs, gently prying them apart. They stopped separating after a few degrees. Just enough to split her legs for something else to slide in between.

At that moment, the blowers hit her breast. Allison had always fooled her friends. She was a nerd in school and was ashamed of her body. If any of them had known the truth, they would have been as jealous as she was for all the dick they got, but she didn’t want a guy that was just there to hump her leg because she was hot, she wanted a partner. She wanted someone that would talk to her instead of sitting on the couch with his hands in his pants.

She had either worn loose baggy sweaters, or she had taped her boobs together and smushed them in a tighter fitting shirt to look like she had none at all.

She also wore her hair messy. She cut her bangs straight across and wore the biggest glasses she could get her hands on. She loved colored rims and didn’t even need the glasses. In fact, the lenses weren’t even prescription strength. They were just glasses she had picked up at the drugstore.

Allison wanted to run when she was in high school, but her tits bounced all over the place. When she ran, she wore the tightest sports bra she could find. One time, she bought one so tight that she almost passed out.

Little David Werner thought it was because he had laid on the moves from the seat of his bicycle while he pedaled home trying to talk to her. The pimple-faced geek didn’t have to try to be a nerd, unlike Allison, who did everything she could to be ugly.

Some guys thought they spotted that diamond in the rough a few times, or that gorgeous smile she was hiding behind, but then Allison would do something clumsy or awkward like dump a drink on them or fake sneeze in their face. She had no qualms with scaring off guys. In fact, it had gotten to be a game with her.

As the blowers weaved their way over her chest, she squirmed, but this time it was an internal squirm.

Things inside of her began getting heated, and she had to close her eyes to enjoy it. 

She wasn’t giving this…this…whatever the hell he was, the pleasure of seeing her enjoy the torment. She had fought against that her entire life and she was damned if this alien, no matter how good looking he was, would get the first peek at her enjoying herself. 

Keep it to yourself.

“That’s good,” said Gyn.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s good. Keep it to yourself.”

“But I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t have to,” said Gyn as he typed away.

Her lips salivated. 

This was the part in each of her books where she would get that tingle, that itch between her legs that needed some exploration, some attention. That tingle burned a little brighter with each sweep of the blowers, going from a spark to a flame to a sizzle further up her belly and deep into her bones.

It started inside her mouth as the juices started flowing. Her tongue swelled slightly, and she began licking the roof of her mouth.

As the blowers kept working their way down her body, that tingly sensation followed right behind. Once she finished with the inside of the mouth, her tongue started exploring the outside. She licked each of her lips as the blowers went down further.

“That’s good,” said Gyn. “Focus on what you can control, Allison.”

“How do you know…”

“On what you can control,” said Gyn.

Allison looked to her side. Gyn’s reflection appeared on one of the blank screens. His package grew with each passing second he watched Allison. 


“I’m here, you know,” said Allison. “You don’t have to look at the screens.

Gyn lowered his head and stopped typing. He adjusted himself and slowly turned to face her. The section covering his cock stretched out in all directions. His entire crotch glowed in the green fabric.

“Oh, my,” said Allison.

“I’ve been watching you for years. You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman.”

As the blowers went down further, they massaged the areas around her belly button. One blew away, and one sucked away. The two on the back danced the same pattern, hitting her from both sides.

Allison squirmed as she bit her lower lip.

“These blowers are driving me crazy,” she moaned. “How much longer?”

“Another scan.”

“What are you looking for? Maybe I can save us all some trouble.”

One screen over Gyn’s shoulder popped. The captain stood facing them. Gyn looked over his shoulder, spun around, and covered his pulsating erection.

“Any luck yet?”

“All scans are negative, Captain.”

“She’s gotta have it somewhere.”

“Maybe it’s not an implant.”

“He didn’t have the tech with him to do anything different.”

“Captain, what about….”

“Probe her,” said the Captain Frey.

“Yes, Captain.”

Allison licked her lips. “Probe me, Gyn.”

“It’s not the kind you’re thinking of,” he said, nodding slightly toward his crotch.

As the blower, sucker, and scanner went over Allison’s body, she began rocking in the chair. The chair morphed and changed with her body position to give her support no matter which way she squirmed, moved, or squiggled. 

Allison shook. “Probe me, you fucker. I need it. This is driving me crazy.”

Gyn made several swipes on his wrist pad. The bubble around Allison collapsed, and the restraints zipped into the chair.

Gyn moved between her legs in two powerful strides. He swiped another couple of movements on his wrist pad and his suit evaporated. His rod popped out straight toward Allison like a lance. 

She threw her feet around his waist as he stepped between her legs. Allison’s heels dug into his ass and tugged him into her. As the green head of his cock popped between her pussy lips, she gasped. He ran the rest of himself as far into her as he could. 

They rubbed pelvis to pelvis. Allison used her heels to dig into his rock hard ass. She pulled herself on him and rocked her hips back and forth in the air. Gyn grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled as hard as he could. His biceps and pecs ripped as she gnashed out at him.

Gyn put one hand on the small of the back and lifted her hips into the air. He placed his other hand on her chest and pushed her torso into the padded table behind her. Allison arched her back on the bed, absorbing all of his pent up manliness.

Allison lifted one of her tiny feet and put it square on his chest. Gyn ran his hand up and down her long, lean leg. Then he ran his fingers through her bush as he pounded her harder and harder. He grabbed her foot and popped each of her toes inside of his mouth. His thick pouty lips enveloped each one with a ‘pop’. Allison moaned louder and louder with each deep, penetrating stroke he leveled on her pussy.

Gyn ran his hand over her chest and manhandled her breast. He leaned down, popped a nipple in his mouth and sucked until she screamed. Allison smacked him on the chest. Gyn popped up, wrapped his huge hands around her waist and pounded her like a battering ram.

Allison’s leg grew weak. Her hips shook violently. The shake worked its way up her abdomen, her chest and up to her head. Gyn hit her pussy with one furious stoke that buried him to the hilt, and Allison let out a deafening shriek that dropped her body to the table. Gyn remained inside of her and popped her throbbing pussy with two more mini strokes. His huge cock bottoming out and tickling her insides.

The green man strained then slowly released.

Allison threw her hand up to her mouth and gently licked her fingers.

Gyn ran his hand down her chest to her stomach and came to rest on her mound. He held his hand there for a minute, before he swiped back at his wrist pad furiously. His clothes returned, and Allison’s restraints reappeared on the table.

Each of the leg clamps gave a definitive tug and pulled her straight against the table. The table split down the middle. Two more supports that came on the inside of her thighs and propped her legs wide open. 

“No bubble this time?” said Allison.

“I trust you’ll stay where I need you,” said Gyn.

“You’ve put out the fires for now.”

A small device the size of a roller hairbrush protruded from the seat. Allison looked down at the glistening black metallic object. Little sweat glands on the object produced a small amount of oil that lubed it up pre-insertion.

The tube darted up out of the chair, pulled back and angled down. 

“I guess I know where that’s going. If I had known that was coming…”

“We both needed that,” said Gyn. 

Allison closed her eyes. The blowing and sucking machines returned, focusing on her pubic area and lower back.  

Allison breathed slowly and deeply as the machines worked their way around her midsection and down the top of her thighs. 

The wetness from Gyn’s semen and her own sopping pussy puddled under her ass.

The first touch of the probe sent a shiver up her spine, but her large pink lips invited it in graciously. The juices on her soaking wet pussy lips practically escorted the probe in.

Allison cracked her eyes and caught Gyn staring down at her. She rolled her back on the padded table and helped the probe inside of her. 

Gyn rolled his head on his large neck and flexed his jaw to hold back from taking her again.

The blowers made their way down to her legs and focused on her feet. At that, she began giggling and lost concentration. The probe pulled out, and a red light on the underside blinked rapidly.

“Nothing,” muttered Gyn. “One to go.”

Allison shrieked. “Oh, no.”

Allison felt the table rise, pushing her ass up into the air. Her hips went above the rest of her body, and she lost sight of the probe. She braced herself. The probe started at her asshole slowly with some tiny circular motions then pushed a little deeper with each pass. 

Allison felt another squirt of lubrication from the pores of the probe, and it went in steady. She arched her back even higher as the probe went in. The blowers circled her body in a whirling fashion one more time, going rapidly up and down while the probe pumped in and out of her ass several times. Finally, the seat lowered once more, and she saw the same blinking red light.


Gyn typed away, and one of the screens popped again. “Nothing, Captain Frey.”

“You’ve done a FULL search?”


“Hmm. She has it. The scanners are not lying. Try spraying some water on that thing.” The captain said, nodding toward his cock. “She’s already been probed. There’s no need for a personal search on your part.”

“Yes, Captain,” said Gyn.

The screen faded.

“What do you want with me?” pleaded Allison. “Why am I here?”

“We saved you.”

“I would have been all right,” begged Allison.

“After a few months in the hospital. You’d have been OK until arthritis set in. Your life was gonna hurt after that.”

“I hope you’re not looking for a thank you. And you didn’t show up to save me. What do you want?”

“You have something we need.”

“Since I have something you want, I guess you weren’t just in the neighborhood doing a good deed when you showed up.”

“We’ve waited for that moment. It was destined to happen. We were there to intercept you when it did. We need a map.”

“I work in a library. I can get plenty of maps, but based on the fact that I’m in some kind of a spaceship with people who don’t look like they’re from the same planet as me, I’m pretty sure any maps I can get my hands on are not maps that you can’t get yourself. Can’t you just Google it?”

“You have a map. It’s in you but we’re having trouble finding it.”

“I’d say you just did a pretty good job of looking. Based on your search procedure, I’d say that if you found nothing, there’s a good chance that it’s not on me..or IN ME!!!”

“Well, it’s not in any of the places we’ve looked.”

“Where else could you look?”

That man stared down at her.

“You’re not cutting me up are you? I don’t want to die.”

“There’s no need for that.”

“What do you think I have? And why do you think I have it?

“I’m just a country girl from French Wayne County. I work in a library. I’ve never done anything wrong in my life. I’ve been nowhere. I’ve done nothing. I have three friends, two of whom are more my tormentors than actual friends.”

“You’re from the place we picked you up. Your father was not.”

“My father? I didn’t even know my father.

“I was artificially inseminated. My dad was goo in a tube. My dad was an anonymous guy that jerked off in a hospital for $50. He could have been a crackhead for all I know, but the fact is I don’t know him, nor do I have access to that information.

“You got me mixed up with someone else,” pleaded Allison.

“Your dad was an intergalactic pilot that defected from the Federation. He had a copy of the plans of each of the enemy’s starships in his possession. He took them, and he fled. He disobeyed a direct command and fled. He was a coward and a traitor!!!” said Gyn, looking over his shoulder at the wall of screens behind him.

“Ok. Well, that sucks, but I didn’t know the man. I never saw him. I never met him, and I don’t understand what you are talking about. I don’t have your stinking map, and I want to go home. NOW!”

“What you do or don’t know is not really of concern to us,” said the captain as popped in on the screen. She looked down at the pool of liquid beneath Allison’s legs. “You’re a juicy little bitch. You should get laid more.”

Allison huffed.

Captain Frey held up a test tube. A grey gassy cloud swirled inside. “Venous bots. Send them in,” said the captain.

Gyn tensed up. “Those might…”

“They’ll find what we’re looking for if it’s where we think it is. She’s a vessel. Nothing more. Run them in, Gyn.”

The captain put the tub inside her console. A minute later, a beep on Gyn’s console blipped. A small hatch opened, and the test tube popped out from the wall.

“Aye, Captain. I’ll run the bots through now.”

“Report to me when you have the files, Gyn. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Of course, Captain. I’ll report as soon as I have them in hand.”

“What are those things?” said Allison.

“Venous bots,” said Gyn.

“Those are robots?”

“Microscopic. They’re gonna map out your veins. The plans must be stored there. On the interior walls.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m not. This is not a pleasant procedure.”

“Please,” begged Allison. “I’m not ready for any of this.”

“Don’t worry, Allison. I am. I’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time.”

“I don’t want to die.”

“You’re not going to. I’m gonna make sure of that.”

Gyn hit a few buttons on the panel in front of him. Allison’s examination table morphed back into a chair. The bubble re-emerged around the chair.  This time a sweet-smelling odor popped up into the bubble. Allison’s eyes grew heavy within seconds. 

“Please don’t. I don’t know any…”

Allison sat on a grassy hill on one of her grandmother’s old quilts. The sun shone down on her and the picnic basket beside her. She wore a baseball cap turned backward and an old button-up shirt she had found in the closet of her grandmother’s house. A pair of sweatpants lay on the ground next to her. She had a book in one hand, and she fondled her throbbing clit in the other. 

“Oh yeah,” she gasped, as the character in her novel had just entered his romantic pursuit. 

Allison split her pussy lips in two with her middle finger and used two more to rub up and down on her wet lips as she gave her pussy some shallow thrusts. As soon as her juices flowed, she pulled her finger out of her love canal and rubbed on her little bean.

Gyn walks up the hill toward her. “Starting without me?”

“Honey, I was just getting warmed up.”

“My horny slut. You couldn’t wait?”

The ground shook. The scene shifted.

Allison sat in her bed at home. The goose down covers pulled up to her waist. She propped herself up against the headboard reading. Steam wafted out of the bathroom doors.

“Hurry up, baby,” she called as she slid her fingers down her belly.

“On my way, sweetheart.” 

The shower cut off. Thirty seconds later Gyn walked through the doors, still dripping wet, a towel in his hands.

“Don’t get me all wet. It’s cold.”

“Looks like you’re already getting yourself all wet.”

“Thinking of you and that big green cock! You get me so hot.”

The scene jumbled up again, then she lost it.

Her head smacked up and down on Gyn’s chest. A loose silver sheet covered her body. Allison giggled.


“Shhh yourself, handsome,” dribbled Allison.

“I’m getting you out of here.”

“Bout time, Hulk,” she said, giggling at herself. “Cause you’re green and massive and I love your big cock. Oops! Did I say that out loud?”

“Hold tight,” said Gyn.

A buckle wrapped around her and clicked at her chest, then one at her waist.

“Let’s go for a ride in the space shit!” She giggled again. “I said space shit!! Baahahaaa. Space shit!”

“Shhh, Allison. We’re almost ready.”

“Ok. I’m gonna be real quiet like a little mouse. Like a tiny little mouse.”

“Mice don’t talk,” said Gyn. He jumped into a seat beside her. A sucking noise preceded the pop of a capsule above her head.

Gyn punched a few panels in front of him. A screen lit up, and big bay doors opened in front of them. 

Gravity Shields Disengaged

The ship lifted and rolled out of the hold along with several other large containers. Allison watched as each of them tumbled beside her.

“Woo Hoo! Are we going for a ride?”

“I told you I was getting you out of there.” Gyn hit a few more buttons on his panel. The ship rumbled. He grabbed a stick that popped up between his legs and directed them into the darkness.

“Where are we going?” said Allison.

Gyn pointed into the distance. “See that dot over there?”

“The orange one? Ooooh, that’s pretty. What is it?”

“Home,” said Gyn.

Phone Home, Big Boy

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