Erotcia Alien Romance Part II

Erotcia Alien Romance Part II

Put your hands together for Erotcia Alien Romance Part II. I had mixed feelings about the first one. That’s not the case with this next installment of the series. This one is badass. I really loved how this part came together. Erotcia Alien Romance Part II has some of everything and lots of hardcore fucking. If you like aliens, cock, and pussy. Well, you’re about to be a happy camper.

There’s a wicked turn in this one that’s gonna sizzle with A LOT of folks out there. Grab your copy of Erotcia Alien Romance Part II on Amazon today.

Erotcia Alien Romance Part II: Synopsis


What Happens When You’re Sucked Into a Hole?

In Erotcia Alien Romance Part I, Gyn saves Allison from the Federation and an invasive probing technique that threatens to kill her.

Allison and Gyn resume their escape in Erotcia Alien Romance Part II as they battle asteroids and black holes until they’re eventually captured by an alien race living on the far edge of the known universe.

Gyn uses his wit and creativity to save them from certain death and destruction, while Allison uses their sexually charged relationship to put them in good graces with the queen of the Siklamnian.

Erotcia Alien Romance Part II: Sneak Peek


Allison walked into her best friend’s office. She shut the door quietly and sat down in the brown leather chair across from the cluttered desk.

Lana’s legs rested on the big oak desk. Her high heels waited patiently under the desk until they were needed for her to show off her best assets. Until then, her feet were propped up on top of the desk, her ankles crossed. She wriggled her toes as she talked with her newest tax season client.

Lana held up her index finger and mouthed an apology to Allison.

“OK. I got it. I’ll send over the proper forms for you to sign this morning and we’ll sort that out.”

She hung up the phone. 

“Fuck me. Talk about energy vampires,” she said as she slumped back in her chair.

“I missed you,” said Allison.Erotcia Alien Romance Part II

“Me, too. Where have you been?”

Allison didn’t waste any time. “It’s Tony.” 

“What about my man?”

“I saw him in his convertible, getting a blowjob from Tina.”

“That chubby little bitch? No way. Tony’d never cheat on me, Allison. And, if he did, he wouldn’t stoop that low.”

“He didn’t have to. She was doing all the stoopin’.”

The room shook.

Lana’s feet flew off the desk. She splayed her arms out wide and crouched down in her chair.

Allison sat there, calm and collected.

“Did you feel that?” asked Lana.

“Yeah. I’m used to it. It’s just some wave distribution from an asteroid. We have been hitting them for the last hour. Must have been a planet that got dusted. Maybe a couple of moons that collided.”

“An asteroid? Moons? What the heck are you talking about, Allison? What kind of crazy trash are you reading now that’s filling your head up with that nonsense? We live in Oklahoma. There aren’t any…”

The room shook again.

“We’re not in Oklahoma, silly. At least not right now.”

“Oh, yeah? Then where are we silly?”

Lana stood up and twisted the rod on the Venetian blinds on the window behind her desk.

“That’s not French Wayne, Oklahoma?”

White lights zoomed in the background of the black space behind the glass.

“Doesn’t look like it to me.”

Lana shook her head and looked out. The rod to the blinds slipped out of her hand and knocked up against the wooden slats.

“What the…?”

Allison stood up. 

“I just really needed to tell you about Tony because I’m pretty sure I’m not coming back for a while.”

Lana stared out the window.

“Where are you going? What are you talking about? What’s going on here?”

The room shook again.

“I gotta go. Thanks for being there for me.”

Allison stood and turned to the door that wasn’t there anymore. A ragged fence stood in its place. Just beyond the fence, a multi-colored jungle gym beckoned to her from the middle of a torn-down ghetto of a schoolyard.

Allison bent down and eased one leg after the other through a hole in the fence. She climbed the stairs to the slide. All four of them. She stood on the top step, then turned to wave to Lana.

Nothing but black space surrounded her. 

A few light-specks winked at her from the darkness. 

Allison lost her balance and fell backward. The initial drop startled her, but she settled quickly into the fall. 

She reached out…

…and touched her head. 

Her eyes felt glued together. 

Heavy sleep. 

She had to lift her eyebrows to put some space between her eyelids.

The light screamed at her. It zipped by at a speed that disoriented her senses. 

Part of her thought she had eaten psychedelics. A small part of her knew that wasn’t the case.

She threw her arms out. 

The jerk from the seat strap reassured her. 

She leaned forward over the edge of her chair. A footrest kept her feet elevated a few inches off of the metallic floor.

Switches and buttons covered a panel in front of her.

Allison’s head bobbed forward, and she blinked her eyes, still trying to ward off the effects of whatever had put her to sleep so hard earlier.

The light-specks zoomed past the window so fast, it made the rest of her movements seem drugged.

She looked over.

A large man was sprawled out in the chair beside her. His arms were the size of her legs.


Things started coming back to her.

This man… or… I mean, he looks like a man. Just a little bigger. 

Allison scanned his gorgeous frame. 

Definitely bigger, she thought. Way bigger.

This man had saved her life.

From what she remembered, he had been planning the whole thing for quite a while, too.

The fabric on his suit moved and stretched with each micro-movement of his body. 

His cock twitched.

Every time part of him moved, a shade of green appeared as the fabric in the black stretch uniform expanded.

Allison watched his chest slowly rise. His pecs looked like stone pillows on his massive rib cage.

She followed the movement and color change down his body.

Must be a nice dream, she thought. 

With each spasm of his thick cock, the fabric turned green down his leg. His rod kept growing until it reached almost half of the way down his thick thigh.

Allison stood beside him, admiring him. The fabric on his suit mesmerized her. His cock invited her to play.

She reached out and stroked it before pulling her hand back.

Gyn twitched in the chair. His legs shifted slightly, then he settled back into the melodic trance of his breathing.

Allison reached out to stroke his cock again.

Gyn hummed, nearly purring.

Erotcia Alien Romance Part II on Amazon TODAY!!!


If you missed the first part in the Alien Romance series, start here. Then you can get Alien Romance Part II here. It’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited (K.U.). Only $0.99 if you don’t. Part I is perma-free so, you get both for less than a dollar. Whoop! Whoop!

P.S. Sorry about the tagline.

What Happens When You Get Sucked Into A Hole?

WTF. I know, right?

I racked my brain on that one. Finally, I said fuck it. It’s erotica. It’s alien erotica. They’re in space. There’s a black hole in this story. It’s a play on words, but then again there’s also some hole sucking going on. ENJOY!!

If you didn’t read the first one, check it out along with a few other free books, on this page of Erotcia website.

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