the original christian romance and erotica

Christian Romance… and Erotica

The very first Christian Romance story is…?

Of course, it’s Adam and Eve. Then comes Noah. After that, you’ve got Abram and Sarai, and their adventures through the middle east. If you had a vivid imagination, you’d be able to fill some holes between those stories with a few more staffs and rods 😉

Luckily, for you, the christian romance and erotica lovers, that’s exactly what I did with the first part of my Genesis series which follows Adam and Eve, Noah, and Abram, Sarai, and Lot through their wild adventures as the founders of modern day man. Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I covers the first 16 stories in the book of Genesis.

Part II comes out later this spring (2021) and continues with Abraham and Sarah’s adventures in childbirth, Lot’s daughters indiscretions with their own father, and later Isaac’s life.

Follow along as the original christian romance book you’ve known since childhood gets a bit of an upgrade. I’ve done my best to keep the stories, and their ‘lessons’ the same, just adding a few tweaks (of nipples, of course) here and there.

The original christian romance and erotica... upgraded.
Coming Soon to Amazon. Check out Part I in the links above.

Part II

Following is a sneak peek at the first book in Part II where God (mine’s a woman, duh!) changes Abram and Sarai’s names to Abraham and Sarai and finally guarantees they will have a child.

Without further adieu: my take on one of the first christian romance couples: Abram and Sarai.

Genesis Book 17


Abram to Abraham

Abram sat in his tent, resting his weary feet on a rolled up mat one of his attendants sorted for him after a long day. Both eyelids clung to each other for fear any movement would disrupt the old man’s body’s attempt to rest and recuperate.

Sarai lay in a clump of pillows in the back of the tent.

A light touch grazed Abram’s knee. The energy from her fingers travelled up his thigh and raised the robe above his legs.

“Abram…” whispered God.

The old man snorted and shook his head, then dozed back off to sleep when his chin shifted shoulders. A wet spot on his right shoulder marked the evidence of his exhaustion.

“Abram…” she whispered again.

Abram peered through the slits in his face down his lap at her.

She pushed his robe up to above his hips and rubbed her breasts on the inside of his legs and under his scrotum.

Abram’s one-eyed brother stared up at him and he chuckled. “After all these years, you’re still able to get a rise out of us.”

“I gave you life… both of you,” she winked.

Abram looked over his shoulder toward his wife then back to God. “Sarai might rather you left him sleeping. I think she’s had all she can take for one lifetime.”

“She’s still got more coming to her. You both do.”

Abram snorted. “We’re on the backside of looking forward to things.”

God pulled his cock toward her and kissed the head. “You’ve lived a full life, and you’ve honored me at each and every step along the way. You’ve shared your love for me with all you’ve encountered. I want you to continue to do so.”

“That’s not a request you ever need to make, my lady.” 

“I know that, and, as such, I am extending the pact between the two of us to give you a huge family.”

Abram picked up a glass of water sitting on the table beside his chair and twirled his finger around the rim. 

He paused for a few seconds, pondering a response, then shrugged his shoulders as if it wasn’t worth the effort. 

Abram took a deep breath through his nose and let the water trickle down his throat. The swallow made it halfway down his esophagus before he lost his composure and sprayed the water in a fine mist over God’s wavy black hair as he filled the damp air with laughter.

God remained between his legs with a firm grip on his shaft.

A full minute passed before Abram regained his usual calm demeanor.

“Do you mock me?” she asked as she squeezed his cock.

“Never, my Lady. I do, however, find your timing a little off.”

God pursed her lips as she leaned forward. The first kiss on the crown of his cock pulled him into her mouth. She pushed her hand down his rod and pulled the foreskin away. Remnants of his last session with Sarai crusted under the hood.

God dipped her hand into the cup of water beside his chair and used her hand to clean him. She ran her hand around the head of his cock for another inspection. “I want you always clean and ready for me.”

She went down on him, forcing all of his length into her mouth and kept him there, swirling his manhood over and under her tongue.

She pulled her mouth away slowly, sucking on the tip, grazing it with her teeth, then looked up at him with a twinkle in her eyes that would make stars in the sky jealous. “No longer will you be known as Abram. From henceforth, they will call you Abraham, the father of many nations. This covenant is between you and me, and extends to all of your descendents. Your part commits you to me, as your God and the God of your descendents.”

“I don’t think a covenant is needed for me to show my devotion to you,” said Abraham, running his hands through her thick black hair then pushing her head back down his cock. He watched with a widening grin as she took him nearly to the base, bobbed thrice, and returned oh so slowly, leaving a glistening trail she gathered in the hand that slid up his shaft.

Abraham’s cock slid out of her mouth with a loud ‘pop’.

God stroked it as she looked at him. “I have you where I want you,” she smiled.

“And I you,” he returned the grin.

“It’s your descendants I am laying claim over.”

“You’ll have them, too, as well as my people.”

God pulled him back into her mouth and hummed.

Abraham’s head fell back, and he gripped the arms of the chair.

God slid down his pole then back up, arching her head back as she did.

Abraham’s glutes clenched as the head of his cock slid across the roof of her mouth and lightly grazed her teeth on the exit. He clenched his own teeth and thrusted up.

God pulled him out, then kissed around the head.

“All that surrounds you now, I’m giving to you and your descendents; this entire country of Canaan.”

Abram nodded. “You are kind, my Lady. And what more may I do to honor this covenant that you extend to me and our people?”

“You will honor my covenant, as will your descendents, by circumcising every male.”

“You want me to permit a knife near…” Abraham lowered his brow and looked down at his throbbing member protruding between her fingers.

“Yes. I don’t want another woman’s sex laying in wait for me again. 

“The circumcision will be the sign of you and your descendents honoring the covenant between us. Every male baby will be circumcised when they are eight days old. This includes everyone, not just your family but those who work with you, as well. By doing so, you forge this agreement into your body. A permanent mark to show your devotion to me.”

“And what of the women?” asked Abraham

“What of them?” asked God.

“You give us this skin around our penis only to ask that we remove it with a knife. What sacrifice must the women give?”

God tightened her grip on his cock and flayed his thigh with the open palm of the other hand.

“Ow! Why on earth?” cried Abraham.

God shook her head in disgust. “What sacrifice must the women give?!”

“I mean…” 

“What of their bodies for nine months to carry your seed? The swollen ankles, the aching back, the swirling hormones? What of the morning sickness and the pains of labor?” 

“I…” started Abraham, but God cut him off immediately.

“What of the love and devotion they shower you with when you return from your work? What of the ear they lend to the woeful troubles you expound upon them each night? What of the moral, emotional, and psychological support they extend to your worldly affairs? Need I say more?”

“I think not.”

God nodded her head and took his cock into her mouth once more. She teased his hardness to the max, then stood. She placed a foot on either side of his hips in the chair, then lowered herself and pushed his cock between the folds of her vagina.

“And your wife, Sarai,” she whispered in his ear.


“Do not call her Sarai anymore. Call her, Sarah. With this new name, I’ll bless you both.”

“You’ve blessed us in so many ways already, my Lady.”

“All but one,” she said.

“The descendants required to honor this covenant when I am gone,” said Abraham.

“There is Ishmael,” said God.

“Son of my wife’s attendant.”

“And your son, nonetheless.”

“Till the day I am gone from this earth.”

“Many days will pass before you are gone, Abraham.”

With each slap of their thighs, the old man’s skin firmed and his body regained much of its youthful vigor. His face held the years of pain and wisdom accumulated from such experiences, but his body straightened, tightened, and plumped in every way that pleased God and more. 

“I will give you more. Oh, how I will bless you. Nations and kings will flow from this cock.”

“Can this body carry the demands of a new generation?”

God smiled. She grabbed the back of his head and jerked his attention to his arms, then down his chest. 

Abraham looked down at tight forearms he used to reach for God and guide her rear down his pole. He glared at the sweat trickling down the curved bumps of his pecs into the mounds of ab muscles rippling above his crotch, and his thick thighs that flexed and supported the furious sex God hammered onto his rod. 

“You doubt my work?”

“How many years have been replaced?”

God smiled then nipped her teeth at the tip of his nose as she fucked him. “Don’t worry. You will have everything I promised. You waited long enough, Abraham. Now, fuck me,” she commanded.

And he did, or he allowed her to have her way with him.

And she did. 

The backs of her thighs smacked the tops of his. She pulled his face into her cleavage and held him tight as she came, and as her scream announced her doing so.

Abraham pulled God against him. 

Her feet slid through the back of the chair and her thighs hugged his waist tight.

“Thank you for blessing Ishmael.”

“All of your family is under my care, as is the son that Sarah will bear.”

Abraham shook his head in disbelief. “My wife? A…” Abraham’s body shook as he silently chuckled.

“Sarah will bear a son. And you shall name him Isaac, to remind you of the doubt you cast in my direction.”


“My covenant extends to all of your descendents, including Ishmael.” 

“As long as we mutilate ourselves.”

“Call it what you wish. You must circumcise the boys. Your first son, Isaac, will come through Sarah sometime next year.” 

Sarah stirred in the back of the tent.

God stood, poured water in her hand, then wiped Abraham’s cock clean. “I expect she’d like a clean cock, the same as I.”

“Sarah is weak with age, my lady.”

“First with these lips,” said God as she pulled his head to hers. Their foreheads met, and she planted her lips on his.

“Tender kisses will awaken the juices needed between those weary legs to handle your manhood. Each pump from your blessed cock will ensure she has the strength, vitality, and vigor to carry your son. Take her now and watch my work unfold before your eyes. 

“First thing in the morning, you are to circumcise yourself and every male in the camp no matter their age. You will continue the ritual with the newborns, as I have already stated.”

God walked out of the tent. She turned back as the flap closed. Her head and the naked calf of one of her delicious coffee-colored legs poked through.

“Bed the woman in the rear of the tent, young man. Bed to her well. I’ll be watching.”

“As you wish, my lady.”

Abraham rose, leaving behind a clump of robes in the chair.

He stooped down with surprising ease and made the rest of the way to his wife on his hands and knees. 

The tips of her toes protruded from the silk sheets.

Abraham pushed the sheet over her hips and rolled her onto her back.

Sarah’s legs, once firm and soft, looked weak and wrinkled. 

Little kisses pulled Abraham up and slowly separated her knees as she welcomed for him.

A subtle hum rumbled in the back of her throat. The sound pushed her lips apart, just enough to transform the hum into a gasp.

His lips touched the inside of Sarah’s right shin, over her bony kneecap, and up her tiny leg into the ‘valley of dust’ she’d proclaimed her barren womb and pussy lips to be.

The white and black hair that covered her pubic bone did so sparsely. Thin fingers pulled Abraham’s head over her mound. 

He swiped his tongue up her right labia, then back down. Then he moved to the other side and did the same before kissing down her left leg.

When he reached her toes, she wriggled them for him, and he slipped between them with lizard-like flickers that evoked a childlike giggle from the old woman.

He took her other foot and did the same.

Her voice cracked, and she cleared her throat before she called out to him.

“Silly old man. You’ll need a tub of butter to grease this worn valley. Put your foolish intentions away and stop teasing me with memories of nights long since gone.”

“My queen still has life between these legs, and in these bones.”

“The life in me slips out with each breath. The lips you desire are long dead, old man.”

“We shall see. Entertain an old man’s desires tonight.”

“I’ll entertain your imagination as long as the rest will hold. No further.”

“That is all I ask, my love.”

“Continue with your deeds and cease the words, for, despite the age, those deeds feel divine.”

“There is a reason divinity rides the humps of these syllables.”

“Let me be the judge. Hush…”

Abraham kissed and licked his return to her vagina.

When he reached her, she put her feet onto the back of his shoulders and lifted her mound to his face.

Abrham slipped a small pillow under her bottom. 

A sheen of glistening moisture revealed itself on either side of the part his tongue made up her vagina.

Sarah dug her fingers into his hair and pushed him down to repeat. 



And again.

Each time the tip of his tongue left her clit from the full – bottom to top –  swipe, she moaned louder.

Each time, she bucked her hips higher and pushed his head down faster to repeat, before she ran his face down her vagina like a rag down a washboard.

“Your mouth is so wet, dear Abram.”

“I am Abraham from this night forward.”

“Father to…”

“The son I’ll plant between your legs, Sarah.”

“You’ve lost my name along with your mind. Is that how you call your latest serving girl?” she sobbed, and smacked him across the face.

“That is how I call my queen.”

Abraham rose above her. The muscles of his chest sparkled under the sweat his wife forced from him as he served his tongue between her legs.


“I have made a covenant with God.”

“For the youth to leave me behind?”

“For the strength to father our child, and the abundance to share with you.”


Abraham grabbed each of his wife’s legs by the backs of the thighs.

Sarah gasped as he entered her. She hardly recognized the shape towering above her. The face resembled the man she’d travelled far and wide with, but the body… She threw her hands over her breasts in shock and embarrassment: of the pleasure she felt from this stranger, and the destitute condition of the body he ravaged with each powerful thrust.

Cupping each breast in her hand, tears flooded her eyes and clouded her vision. She wiped the tears away with the back of her hand then returned it to her breast just as quickly with joyous sobs following behind. 

Her breasts, seconds earlier deflated and wrinkled, filled the palm of each hand like ripe fruit in the middle of harvest season. Sarah squeezed them each tight and pinched the plump thimble-sized nipples attached.

Abraham dipped his head to his wife’s chest. With his nose, he nudged her hand away then took a nipple into his mouth. He teased the brown knob out between his lip-covered teeth, evoking a tigress roar from his wife’s mouth and swipes of her claws down his back.

“Oh, my god. Look at me,” she cried. “Look at my beauty restored.”

As her nails raised the blood to the surface of his skin, Abraham buried his thick cock deep inside of her. 

“Fuck me, Abraham! Fuck me, my King!”

Every thrust filled the air with her appreciation, and her body with the youth needed for her to carry out God’s word to her man and to his people.

The bones in and around her body retreated to the marching orders of flesh, fluid, and days since gone. The muscles in Sarah’s thighs thickened and toned. Her calves filled the skin they’d left behind. And she used them with the regained strength they provided her to pull her man deep between her legs.

At the bottom of his pounding, Sarah dug her heels into the small of his back, stroking him and tightening down on his cock to coax the seed from his loins, the seed she knew he carried to fill the halls of emptiness left by the promises of the past.

She smacked down onto his ass with one hand and dug her nails in deep.

Abraham howled.

With the other hand, she reached up and grabbed the hair on the side of his head. “Fill me, you beast! Fill my hole with every last drop.”

Abraham pounded away. 

Sweat covered them both.

If not for the rugs, the sands beneath them would have swallowed him faster than Sarah’s ravenous vagina from Abraham’s vigorous pounding.

The muscles in his neck tightened as he strained to hold himself a little longer until Sarah stung his backside and he released.

He slumped down onto her, and Sarah reached between Abrahams’s legs, pumping his testicles twice to steal the very last drop. 

Exhaustion stole the painful grunts he should have uttered at her milking.

Abraham lay down on his wife’s body. The sweat slowly carried his body off to the side.

Sarah kissed his forehead.

“God made a covenant with us.”

“I see,” smiled Sarah.

“She asks for our devotion.”

“She’s had that since before I can remember.”

“And the skin from every man’s penis.”

“How much?”

“Not even a rebuke?”

“Other women might balk. You have some to spare, especially if your seed is to finally take root in my belly.”

“Only the covering of the tip.”

“But not the tip itself.”


“Off with it.”

“Not even a…”

“I’ll do it myself, even.”


“This is one of my most prized possessions. It is number one until the baby arrives. I’ve trusted my life to you all these years. Can you not trust your little brother to me for a few minutes, knowing our line, and my pleasure rest in its protection? Do you not think I’d take the utmost care in handling it?”

“I do trust you, my queen. I trust you with my life, and yes, my little brother, too.”


“Tonight, you will fill me until your skin sags once more. Tomorrow you may rest while I take care of this matter of your skin and see that the rest of the men of our camp are taken care of, as well.”

Abraham stood for a glass of water. When he returned, he stood over his wife and glowed in appreciation, in his reward. 

Sarah took the cup and drained it.

“Anything else, my dear?” asked Abraham.

“Fill my empty holes. All of them, but save the seed and bury it deep within my cunt. No more talking. Fuck me, Abraham!”

The O.G. of Christian romance and erotica

Thousands of people, and I mean hundreds of thousands of people search Amazon for this each month. They weren’t getting what they wanted, so I delivered. In part II, You’ll get the much anticipated story of Lot and his family when they retreat from Sodom into the mountains. His wife turned to stone and he’s left with his two daughters, who think they are all that’s left of humanity. So… what are good daughters to do when daddy’s the only one left to help them repopulate the planet?

I dare you to find out 😉

Thank goodness for eReaders. No more sticky pages on our word porn.

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  1. This is fun, and hot. I am looking forward to getting to read more of it. For my favorite among the first part of this series, the creation story, it was surprising and sexy and the language pulled me in.

  2. Something about the story of Joseph always draws me in. The story of betrayal by family and yet forgiveness and the saving a nation from famine.

  3. Adam and Eve. Who knew they were getting up to didoes with those fig leafs. And that Serpent was something!!!

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