6 Free Erotica Books

Take your pick and get your feet wet with a free first in series erotica book or grab the stand alone short Erotcia Quarantine for FREE today.

Erotcia Vampires is turning out to be my signature series. I’ll be building out the Erotcia brand off of this beautifully woven tale of a jaded vampire who figures out a way to leave his fangs behind and finish life as a mortal humn by finding his dyad, the vampire equivalent of the yin to his yang. When her life is threatened there’s only one way to save her: bring her into the shadows.

Erotica Book Series

Along with Part I in the Vampires series, choose from five others, including Alien Romance, Spanking, Older Woman, and Group Sex.

Stand Alone Short

When the neighborhood finds itself in quarantine, the hot fit couple in the neighborhood shows the others what their missing when sexy walks through the doors.

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